Iraqi Civil War?

Sunni and Shiite clerics reached an agreement that could quell sectiarian violence which has riddled the country with attacks and has left more than 190 people dead after last week's bombing of a Shiite shrine. Read more.

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Is Iraq on the brink of a civil war?

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"Yes, a civil war is inevitable in Iraq due to the fact that during the secular, yet bloody reign of Saddam, the opposing religions have had to keep their animosities towards each other in check. Now, that all out chaos has been reigning in that area for the past couple of years, Pandora’s box concerning the different religious sects have been given full reign to release their angst, not just because of the turmoil in Iraq, but also against those whom they disagree with religiously." — James (Woodbury, NJ)

"No, it's just tough and we must see this war through. We will be there for a long time. Heck, we are still in Germany!" — Ken (Dover, DE)

"Yes, Iraq is on the brink of Civil War, and the U.S. will be blamed. We will be blamed because we invaded Iraq, and can't win the war there. If Civil War breaks out, there will be nothing for the U.S. to do, but leave. We can't take sides in a Civil War, so we will be neutralized in out influence over the Iraqi people." — Rex (Ithaca, MI)

"If not already, they are definitely on the edge. It is in our long-term interest to continue as we are now. We need the geographic presence in Iraq. Iran will probably bust open soon and Syria will probably continue to cause trouble. Aside from this, this is still a global war against radical Islam. We cannot back out now." — Bob (Melbourne, FL)

"Yes, and our poor military have been wasting their lives and our money for a war that had NO connection with September 11. Bush should be ashamed." — Cara (Providence, RI)

"For centuries in the Middle East, national borders are things that change as the sand blows. What bonds groups of people together is not their allegiance to a government or country, it is to their religion." — Paul (Lancaster, SC)

"Yes, they will fall into a civil war very soon. I have supported the war since it’s inception but unfortunately I now realize that those average people in the Middle East are just too backwards and ignorant to ever break the mold of the past." — Chris (Paris, KY)

"No, it is just Iraq as it has been for a long time. What did you expect when Saddam was ousted? We must defeat the insurgency and keep the peace. Like it or not!" — Max (Chicago, IL)

"Yes Iraq is on the brink of civil war. Corruption and death have bee a staple of life over there for decades. Either they kill each other or their government slaughters them. What else do they know? It's a very sad situation." — S.J. (Ingomar, PA)

"Iraq is an artificially constructed country. If there is not a civil war now, there will be the second we leave." — George (California)

"In the event of a civil war in Iraq our troops could be in grave danger. All it would take is for Iran and Syria to send in their forces to join with the Iraqis who would turn on us in a moment. We would be outnumbered and surrounded. Our only exit would be Turkey which is also Moslem and if they blocked that escape route our troops could be annihilated." — Dale

"What better excuse would Bush have to get out of Iraq, but to say the Iraqis have failed and that we gave it our best shot? He'll say that it is up the Iraqis now, and that we can no longer afford the loss of American lives while they fight amongst themselves. Just wait, this is what we'll hear just before the elections in November." — B.B.

"This was exactly the terrorists' intent. No one wants to say, 'Look, they will even destroy there own religious shrines and kill and maim there own Arab brothers and sisters.' They have achieved exactly what we are trying to prevent. I have supported the war, but now feel we need to let the Iragi people decide if they want to be run by the maniacs or if they want to bring some civility to their country." — David (Santa Fe, NM)

"Of course they are on the edge of civil war, it's exactly what Iran and Syria want. The people of Iraq need to realize that to save their country from ALL outside interests they need to unite." — Sally (Seattle, WA)

"Funny, I remember Governor Bush saying before he was elected president that he didn't think that our troops should be used as a global police force, yet here we are. Man, hypocrisy must taste rather bitter." — Jonathan (Charlotte, NC)

"If it does turn into a full civil war we should just pull out. Blockade the nation on land and sea. I they want to fight, let them but nothing but nothing gets in or out." — Michael (Colorado)

"We knew that it could turn sour, heck it already has. It is no surprise to our military. But we must support their efforts. It is best for the war on terror. If you think it has nothing to do with it, you are clueless." — Jimmy (Boston, MA)

"Iraq is well on its way to a civil war, yet we have an administration that is so completely out of touch with reality that it is unable to ever admit mistakes, therefore unable to correct mistakes." — Randy (Kenner, LA)

"Yes, but that's the way it's been since the beginning. There was no clear exit strategy. But we MUST stay the course. If we leave, it will have horrible consequences for us as a nation and for the Middle East. The terrorists know this, and we can't let them win. Support the troops!!" — Gina (New York, NY)

"Sadly, yes. Heck, it's civil war now, but this administration doesn't want you to think that. I've talked to my best friend who is over there and he says it sure feels like a civil war. There are great things happening there, but it looks like until we can bottleneck the Iranians who are clearly funding and fueling the fire there it will always be a mess." — Justin (New York, NY)

"No, but that's exactly what the terrorists want you to think. Our men and women are busting their humps to do the best they can, and great things have been achieved there. We must stay the course or it was all for nothing." — Kate (Lexington, KY)

"Yes. If it gets any worse, maybe we should think about pulling our troops out and letting them secure our borders back in America." — Pam

"Those people over there are always on the brink of some kind of war. While US intervention is well intended, we may as well pull out right now and save billions of dollars and the lives of our soldiers. We could stay another 100 years and nothing would change." — Marty (Traverse City, MI)

"None of us can really know if the current situation will deteriorate into all out civil war. Only by acknowledging failures can we learn from them and correct them before it is too late." — Chris

"Iraq has been in a constant state of civil war since its inception and long before. The history of that part of the world is that the colonial powers came in and mucked it up. But the sad part is many of the people there insist on doing themselves in." — Randy

"Iraq has been in a low-scale civil war since we invaded in 2002. Civil war in Iraq is exactly what the CIA warned of prior to President Bush invading Iraq. Saddam Hussein was a bad man, but he kept the country together by ruling with an iron fist. George H. Bush did not invade Iraq in 1991 because knew it would instigate civil war. George W. Bush has a mess on his hands." — Claudia

"Yes, it's civil war. I did have hope for the Iraqi people before, but now do not think they have the will to change their country. They just don't seem to comprehend that differences are not settled by violence. I think we should worry more about our own borders, sit back and let them kill off each other as they seem so want to do." — Edwin

"If Iraqi religious leaders are smart they will see who is fomenting this disorder, and will realize that only by presenting a united Shiite-Sunni-Kurdish front can their common enemies be defeated. I think they have the power to avoid civil war. I hope they use it." — Janice (Severn, MD)