Did you know that the most informed people in the world watch "FOX & Friends Weekend"? How else do you think they sound so "in the know" at cocktail parties and social functions? So here's the pitch: Watch this weekend as Page Hopkins and Alisyn Camerota and I give you all the news so you can decide!

Politics: Port security is still a big issue as a Dubai company seeks a new role at six major U.S. ports. Is this deal a good one? Will it happen or will the Bush administration blink? Jim Pinkerton and Ellen Ratner will fight it out. Plus, we'll also have a surprise guest who is directly involved in this battle between our lawmakers and the White House — so you gotta watch!

Iraq: Is the country on the brink of a civil war and why don't the Sunni and Shiite Muslims get along? Perhaps more importantly, what does this mean for us? Col. David Hunt and Lt. General Mike Delong join us to give their insight and expertise on this matter.

Katrina Watch: It's Mardi Gras time and there are questions as to whether or not there should be a celebration with so much devastation in the Gulf States. We'll explore the multitude of issues surrounding the rebuilding of New Orleans and the entire area.

This and That: Scientists — well, some scientists — say Internet chat rooms are good for teens. Do you agree?

Natalee Holloway is front and center in the news again — we've heard from her alleged abductor.

Add a little entertainment with Bill McCuddy ("Aquamarine" opens next Friday), plus a dash of David Kirsch (to help shed some pounds), and you're ready to tackle any intellectual who might tell you that you're chopped liver!

See you guys this weekend!

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