Why Should the UAE Get Our Ports?

I'm still against the port deal.

I've heard all the smart guys assuring me it's ok. I've listened to all their reasoned arguments, and you'll hear some more later.

But this thing bothers me and reasonableness isn't helping erase what bothers me.

I understand the UAE has been our friend in the War on Terror and they're an ally now and we need allies in that area, but why does that mean they get the ports?

I also think people are glossing over too much stuff about the UAE. Namely, the 9/11 Commission Report which describes a scene in 1999 in which the Clinton administration was about to launch cruise missiles on a hunting camp in Afghanistan where bin Laden was camped.

The U.S. attack was called off because one of the UAE Emiratis was there also, falcon hunting with bin Laden. His American-built C-130 aircraft was parked right there next to bin Laden's camp.

Two years before 9/11 we could have got bin Laden, but didn't because a UAE emir was having tea with Usama. That bothers me, even though I know the UAE is now an ally in the War on Terror.

It also bothers me that Al Qaeda claims to have infiltrated the UAE security and monetary agencies. The claim came in a threat to kill UAE leaders because of their cooperation with the U.S. But still, there's the Al Qaeda claim of infiltration. So why does the UAE get the ports?

I appreciate we're in a global economy, but I can't believe we allow just anything to be taken over by foreign companies or foreign governments.

I've heard the argument that the ports are now run by the Brits, and they're foreigners.

Nice try. Big difference between the U.K. and the UAE.

I also read in the papers about a guy named Joseph King who was head of U.S. Customs anti-terror wing and who complained about the deal because a company the size of DP World would be entitled to get hundreds of visas to relocate managers and other employees into the U.S. King worries that Al Qaeda could infiltrate this process and get a free pass into America. I worry about this, too.

For me, all this adds up to a simple question: So why do they get the ports? Couldn't they buy Disneyland or Rockefeller Center or something normal? Couldn't they invest in media companies and reap huge profits on gangsta rap records and DVDs?

Why do they get the ports? Shouldn't the ports be off limits?

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