Port Insecurity

If you missed Thursday's show you missed "Portapalooza."

Yes, the main theme was port security. It seems the president's people made a solid business decision, but a clumsy political decision. When you have Senator Frist and Speaker Hastert up in arms, you know you did a bad job communicating the merits of a program and in this case, a purchase.

Look for a delay of purchase decision to come down soon — neither side looks willing to give in and it seems few know how little Dubai Ports World will have to do with security of our six major ports. Further, if you are queasy about United Arab Emirates on our shores, what about China? They have a piece of our ports too and almost no one has a problem it. Why is that?

Senator Biden made headlines this morning when he confirmed that he will run for president and that Hillary is a liberal. In a recent GQ article, Biden talked about his first wife and youngest child being killed in a horrible car crash and his first run for the presidency and what he learned from both trying times. I will say this, it's a pleasure to ask a question and get an answer and when it comes to Iraq and Biden can speak from firsthand experience. After all, he has been there six times.

The Judge has been doing a fine job spelling Steve Doocy and will be at it again on Friday. Tiki Barber completed his week with a fine showing on "FOX & Friends First." FOX Sports executive David Hill joined us along with Direct TV guru Eric Shanks to talk about Olympic struggles and how to get better coverage on your dish. David was shocked to learn that NBC still will not let us show their highlights. He is a sports genius and agrees NBC blew it with their video embargo and by airing the Winter and Summer Games every two years. It seems to the viewer that the games never end.

We also found out that FOX Sports have not replaced James Brown and will meet with Terry Bradshaw, Jimmy Johnson and Howie Long next week to see where they go from here. I for one would like to see Terry move over and add another talented ex-player. Maybe even Tony Siragusa.

I almost forgot to review Patrick Swayze! He was half an hour late, but clearly worth the wait. The guy is just charming, self-assured and has the mistaken belief we all can dance. Hey, Patrick — I can't dance and few who know me disagree.

On Friday, we have corralled Howie Carr and the great Tommy Lasorda — who loved the Judge on first sight. They really never met before walking past each other on set and quickly hugged. How can you explain this? It's called an unspoken Italian connection. Being half-Italian, I have high hopes Lasorda and I will instantly bond on the show. Speaking of baseball, my Hank Aaron interview airs next week and yes, he talks about his record and Barry Bonds.

Another big name sports star, Cal Ripken, visited Wednesday and wanted me to expand on his latest accolade. You can learn how to join him as he enters the Energizer Hall of Fame by visiting: www.energizer.com/halloffame. Nominate the person who you think has incredible energy and gives the most to the community and go into the Hall with Cal.

As for greenroom talk, it was nice to see to admiring former athletes bond when Queen Latifah and Cal Ripkin both wanted to pose for a photo together. I was available, but I guess they already have one with me.

If you are looking for "The Games Do Count," my book is now in soft and hardcover. Visit www.briankilmeade.com and learn how to get it signed. E.D.'s "Going Places" can be found at www.hillfriends.com.

Have a great Thursday and Friday and thanks so much for watching!


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