Biggest Prize in Lotto History

The winning ticket in last Saturday's drawing was sold in Lincoln, Nebraska. It was the biggest jackpot on record for any lottery in the United States. The eight winners, who work together at a meat processing plant, were announced today by the Nebraska Lottery officials. Read more.

While you didn't win (sorry), FNC wants to hear from YOU!

How would you spend $365 million?

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Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

"I'd change my phone number and quit my job. I love where I live so I would just remodel my home. I'd pay off debt that my family and friends have. I would work at my children's schools and buy their schools the things they need. I'd also take a cruise and take along all my friends. Most of all, I'd live it up." — Melinda (Nashville, TN)

"We had 11 kids, seven sons, four daughters and now have 30 grand-kids and two great-grands and one more on the way. Need I say more?" — Pat (Richland, WA)

“I would travel the world and make sure it was invested in such a way that I’d never have to work again!” — Jules (Chicago, IL)

"First of all I would give each of my four kids 5 million dollars, secondly I would open a fund for the poor disabled and old and run it myself with employees, the rest of the money I would put in a savings." — Amos (Versailles, IN)

“I’d build a bridge to nowhere and then buy an F-18 jet fighter and then wonder how I got $20M in debt!” — Phil

"I would donate money to my daughter's Catholic School to pay any debt, double the teacher's salaries with large bonuses each year, and set aside enough money to keep the tuition affordable for all. I would put enough money away our family's financial stability and for my children's education. And, it would also involve a GIGANTIC shopping trip!" — S. (Pittsburgh, PA)

"I'd probably travel the world with my eight girlfriends!" — Dustin (Albuquerque, NM)

"After tax, I would invest the lump sum in a secure, conservative investment portfolio. Without ever touching the principle, My family and I would live comfortably off 45% of the annual after tax interest income. The remaining 55% would be reinvested and the compounding interest would turn the millions into billions. The money would then stay with my descendants in the same form for many generations." — Steve

"I would quit my job and stay at home with my children and try to make other people's lives that have been plagued with misfortune a little bit brighter. Anyone who wins money in the neighborhood of millions and don't quit their jobs so the unemployed can work should be ashamed of themselves. Don't be greedy!" — Carol

"I started working when I was 14. I am now 53. Suffice it to say, I would retire immediately" — Randy

"My answer will bore most people, but regardless of whether or not I had to share $365 million with anyone or had it all to myself, I'd give 10 % to my church and then retire early, donating my time to full time Christian ministry work. I'd invest the money wisely so that my family would not have to do anything they didn't want to do." — Rob (Huntley, IL)

"Put a million in accessible money market fund and invest the balance in widely diversified Roth mutual funds." — Ron (Folsom, CA)

"I would help a lot of family and friends out financially and have a great time pursuing my hobbies. I would like to think I would not spend lavishly, but as the old adage goes: never say never!" — Marni

"First, my family would be debt free. Second, I would find a struggling race-team who needed a sponsor. Third, I would start a small business." — Jim (Hertford, NC)

"I would be self-employed if I had won!" — Hancock

"Donations would be made to the Make-A-Wish foundation, Cancer and Aids research, and St. Judes Children’s Hospital. Now for the fun stuff - I'd travel, of course. I would build my dream mansion- and on the land I would include a huge amphitheater (old Greek Empire style) and hire Pink Floyd to play their entire discography." — Eric

"I'd automatically donate 25% to charity for good karma. I'd put 50% towards a living fund for war veterans to go to college — unconditionally, because they deserve it. The remaining 25%, I'd put in a trust for my family with a stipulation that no-one gets anything if I die before age 85 (just in case someone gets wise and tries to off me for the money)." — Marilyn (Tucson, AZ)

"I'd give 25% to the Church, 25% to Shriners Hospitals and the rest to my five-year-old daughter's retirement fund." — Ray

"The first thing I would do is buy my parents a new house with all new furniture. They struggled raising four kids. I would also buy myself a house, buy a car, go back to school, and then invest the rest. They only ended up taking 15.5M home. That doesn't last forever." — Staci (St. Louis, MO)

"I would pay off all of my debts and those of my children, buy all of us new houses, set up college funds for my grandkids, give to my church, and do research to send funds to a kids charity. The rest would be invested to live off of for the rest of my life." — Jill (Alabama)

"Since I only have one living relative left (at 45 yrs old) I'd give half of it to her, my mother. We both would enjoy the security of knowing that small problems that do occur won't leave one of us in the street. Something that simple would be the greatest result for me, security." — John (South Dakota)

"Pay off my mortgage and my parents mortgage. Give my home to my friend and buy a new one in Malibu and another one in Rio de Janeiro. I'd spend my free time getting my doctorate in history and set up some scholarships so others would have a chance of getting a college degree." — Pat