Port Security

How about that Tiki Barber? The New York Giants star has spelled Steve Doocy for the last two days and he has been tremendous!

We've had fun updating you on the Olympics — without the use of video. NBC will sue us if we use any highlights from the Winter Games and we'll soon find out if the movie moguls will react the same way. Our use of clips from "Miracle" and "Dumb and Dumber" was all in fun — I hope they see it as a way to boost DVD rentals.

The main issue on Tuesday's show was the hiring of this UAE-owned company to run security at U.S. ports. On the surface this seems like a bad idea. While we like the leaders of that Middle East nation, unfortunately it's also a money laundering and gunrunning hub. That's not a good combination.

I'm perplexed why Dubai Ports World would not send an executive out to state its case. Bill O'Reilly had an expert on Monday night that said the company will use American workers and all others will be screened through our Visa process. If that's true, it's tough to still be up in arms. But the questions remain: Why didn't an American company get in on the bidding? And how come all seven cities in question did not know who was running their ports to date?

We're honored to find out that Sen. Schumer's appearance on our show launched the controversy, but a little offended these UAE executives don't find us news worthy enough to make an appearance. Well, if we can turn up the heat, it only shows we have a degree of power and you should at the very least respect our audience enough to present your case. Good luck getting a fair shot on the other networks!

Personally, the most gratifying news today was the report from Ayman Al-Zawahiri that we almost got him four times in the last eight years — the last time just about a month ago. He thinks he's bragging. I say it shows that we are getting close and that he is without bin Laden. What a great day it will be when we get him — it seems more and more that Zawahiri calls the shots and formulates the plans.

Finally, two stars from "The O.C." closed the show today: Kelly Rowan and Melinda Clark. It's good to know at least two Hollywood stars have their feet on the ground. On Wednesday, we'll feature Cal Ripken, Kelsey Grammer and Judge Napolitano. Tiki is back on Thursday.

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