Five Found Dead in Arizona Home

Police found five people dead in a suburban home Tuesday morning while investigating calls about screams and gunshots coming from the area.

Detective Tim Gaffney said a SWAT team forced its way into the house after getting no response from anyone inside.

Officers initially thought someone might have been barricaded inside, and as a precaution, the SWAT team didn't enter the house until several hours after the first officers arrived.

Gaffney said officers didn't find anyone alive. He said he had no information on who the victims were or how they died.

Dean Trulock, who lives about a block away in the Phoenix suburb, said he heard a scream and then two loud bangs but didn't call police because he thought the noise had come from a nearby construction site.

"It's shocking for this to happen in this community," Trulock said. "We've never had any problems with crime or theft. You wouldn't expect it to happen here."