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I figured that I should start today's blog with an e-mail:

E-mail No. 1

Something funny is going on... with the blog today!
Dianna D. Barbee
Office Manager

ANSWER: Imagine this: Me, under my computer table for more than an hour before my coffee, plugging in wires, disconnecting, re-plugging in, re-disconnecting... hoping each time that I plugged the wires and cables into the places from which I removed them. Then to the computer: turning it off and on, off and on, then clicking on all sorts of things that say "properties" or "settings," etc., hoping that I can figure out what these words have to do with me and with my computer not working. Why all the effort? Trying to log into the Internet so that I can write the blog.

Bottom line: I did not do the blog earlier because I spent more than three hours trying to fix my computer and I need to add the obvious: I was unsuccessful and very, very, very frustrated. (I was not amused when my husband, seeing me under the computer table, asked me a stupid question about what I was doing. What did it look like!? D'uh!) Finally, I called an expert who will fix it tomorrow. I thought it wise to take the day off, but after explaining the late problem to Dianna, she e-mailed me again:

E-mail No. 2

It is never too late! That is unless you don't have time!
Dianna D. Barbee
Office Manager

Hence the blog. Dianna has put my feet to the fire to work.

Tonight we have an array of topics and we are still putting the show together. It is after 3 p.m., but this is a news/talk show and we follow the breaking news of the day (e.g. the arrest of three U.S. citizens accused in a terrorist plot) and we follow our developing stories (like the Natalee Holloway story.) People always ask when we plan our shows. That's an impossible question to answer. The show is a work in progress... we are constantly changing topics and guests, following the news and keeping up on stories we have been following.

And speaking of the stories we have been following, we have new photos to show you in the Natalee Holloway case. I have not yet seen them — they are in the possession of our New York producer and it is likely I will see them when you do: when they appear on our TV screen. Of course they have been described to me, but I would like to see them with my own eyes. You and I will see them together — sometime during the 10 p.m. hour. The Holloway family attorney (John Q. Kelly) will be joining us tonight, as well someone instrumental in the service of the lawsuit.

I can't predict what will happen in this lawsuit — lawsuits can take all sorts of twists and turns. This lawsuit will be a particularly surprising case since there are so many gray areas in the case — two different judges could rule two different ways on many of the issues. Bottom line: The lawyers will need to be persuasive and the parties a bit lucky. I don't dare bet on this one!

I walked into my office yesterday to find a dozen roses from Chuck and Gena Norris — they thanked me for the segments we did for them on Friday night. I really should have sent them the roses and thanked them and not the other way around.

I am still waiting for any Hurricane Katrina video you might have so that we can air it. E-mail me if you have some video and I will have someone on the staff call you. (Incidentally, if you ever think we have some video you think newsworthy, e-mail us. We might show you video on the air!)

The plan is to take the show on the road again on Thursday — stay tuned.

Now for some more e-mails:

E-mail No. 3 — There is a scheduled execution in California tonight. We are covering it since there is a controversy surrounding it:

I suggest Dr. Kevorkian help California with its humane execution problem. Maybe Mr. Fieger could facilitate this partnership. There was nothing humane about what these convicted murderers did to their victims. I couldn't care less if their executions are not delightful. Just do it!
Jacksonville, FL

E-mail No. 4

Greta, your program last night was horrible. I don't know how any person could not feel the pain of Natalee Holloway's parents, and yet your guests were so flippant about the lawsuit filed against the van der Sloots that I don't understand how Beth could appear on your show again. How can any person not have empathy for parents in this situation and not understand how they would bring a lawsuit against the van der Sloots? I hope and pray they are never put in this position and shame on them for trying to downplay any action that is brought against the van der Sloots. You did not defend the Holloways and Twittys as much as you should and I feel like you have just played them for all the publicity you could get out of this. Shame on you. I don't know if I will ever allow myself to watch your show again!
Maxine Sanders

E-mail No. 5

Dear Greta — or whoever is reading this e-mail — for the last couple of months it seems all the mail I get from FOX News contains no subject line. You have reported yourself on not opening e-mail when you don't have a sender or a subject. It can be very dangerous. Please correct this issue, or unsubscribe me from all FOX News blogs or whatever I am subscribed to. I love to get GretaWire online, but am not willing to continue to risk opening e-mail that I am unsure of. Ron Beatty
Lawrenceville, GA

ANSWER: I don't get this.

E-mail No. 6

Hi Greta,
I am very, very disturbed and worried over having the UAE in charge of our ports. I think someone somewhere has lost his mind. Is there someone or somewhere I can write to complain and express my worry and outrage over this? Perhaps if enough people write to complain, we can prevent this dangerous action from happening.
Thank you very much,
Idelia M. Roark
Fanwood, NJ

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