Pre-Empting the Show

Happy Monday everyone!

Many of you have been wondering why “DaySide” has been pre-empted so frequently. Last Friday, for instance, we had to bail on the entire show due to several back-to-back pressers. For some reason, 1 p.m. ET is the hot spot for news conferences, particularly in the eyes of the White House. The producers, Mike and I try to gauge the importance of these events as best we can. Often, we “dip in” if we think there may be something particularly newsworthy. And often that means we're not “dipping out” right away.

No, Mike and I do not view this type of thing as a mini-vacation. We can't just take off and leave because we're usually never quite sure how long the event is going to last. And even if we are sure, there's always the chance that the satellite feed will go down. So, we sit on set, waiting to go at any time. Our producers are literally running around the building reorganizing the show and booking last-minute guests or canceling booked guests if we've had to bump them due to the news conference... The audience usually stays put.

Since Mike and I are on-set, we try to use this time to answer questions and entertain. Mike's a funny guy if you haven't noticed, and the audience loves the interaction. I usually try to answer audience questions — and since we feel guilty that we're making them sit there, we usually try to answer even the most probing questions: "Where can I see Bill O'Reilly? How did you get your start? Do you memorize all your questions? Tell us about Mike's love life" — short story, haha, etc.

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Much to the pleasure of many of our recent e-mailers, the "shot heard 'round the world" issue (the Cheney shooting) took a backseat to other major news Monday, including a new audiotape from Usama bin Laden. Not new, just a few more revelations from the previous audiotape.

A story I feel is going to get some serious legs on it over the next few days is the possibility that a company from the United Arab Emirates may soon be running several of the nation's major ports, including New York, New Jersey and Baltimore. Ports are obvious terror targets. This company is based in Dubai. The concern? Whether or not this company is terrorist-proof. Congressman Peter King, a staunch Bush supporter and chairman of the Homeland Security Committee is concerned, but what do you think? Write me at

Another story that piqued your interest Monday: The Powerball winner. Someone in Lincoln, Nebraska, bought it. Someone in Nebraska is very rich now. Can you imagine — $365-million dollars? Payouts or lump sum? I'm all about instant gratification and investing. None of this waiting around 30 years for me! What would you do with all that money? Mike and I agreed we'd continue to show up at FNC, happily. I love this job, I really do. After the obvious — lawyer, financial planner — I'd quickly pay off all my debt, as well as my family's debt and give donations to my favorite charities. Then, a shopping spree in the Diamond District! Or would it be a safari? Again, what would YOU do? Write me at

Finally, the age-old question: In a broken engagement, who gets the ring? Personally, I feel if the guy breaks it off, the woman should keep it. Heartbreak, people, heartbreak! If the woman breaks it off, return.

By the way, I had to run home after the show Monday, which means I had no access to your e-mails. I'll make sure to include a few in Tuesday's blog. Keep writing, reading and of course, watching!


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Juliet Huddy currently serves as a New York-based correspondent for Fox News Channel (FNC). She joined the network in 1998 as a Miami-based correspondent. Additionally, Huddy is an anchor for WNYW-TV's (FOX 5) Good Day Early Call.