If You Could Be Any President...

In case you forgot why you have today off, it's Presidents' Day, a time to consider the achievements of past and present commanders in chief, and look to the future leadership of our great country. So as you enjoy your extended weekend (or a quiet day at work), FNC wants to hear from YOU:

If you could go back to any point in U.S. history and be president, what would you change?

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Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

"When the Civil War was about to break out, I would have saved the Union by negotiation. States' rights were specifically granted by the Constitution and could not be taken away by the Federal goverenment. The level heads on both sides required a strong presidential leadership to overcome the influence of hotheads in their camps. The leadership failed and lead to a devastating conflict, which could have been prevented." — Al (Houston, TX)

"I would have made sure that the Social Security Act of 1935 was only a temporary solution to assist the poor and elderly through the Great Depression." — Ron (Birmingham, AL)

"I'd stay away from the Ford Theater!" — Norm (Brandon, FL)

"I think I would like to go back and change history by stopping the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan. Let's hope that these weapons are never used again anywhere in the world." — Dan (Laramie, WY)

"I would have been kinder and gentler to the Native Americans. This is one of the saddest pieces of American history. Also, I would have never taken us off of the gold standard. Now, we just print more money when we need it. Dangerous course. And, in general, I would have made it much more difficult to put our boys and girls in harm's way. We, as a nation, send them off to war at the blink of an eye with very little regard for the consequences." — Jim (New Canton, VA)

"I would want to be Jimmy Carter. I would have redoubled the military's efforts and gotten the hostages out the way Teddy Roosevelt or JFK would have done it. That was an embarrassment and gave encouragement to the Middle Eastern countries to thumb their noses at us. They know all they have to do now is wait." — Bill

"I would have handled the Vietnam War differently. I would have made it an all-out war with penetration into North Vietnam, and not have had our troops fighting a defensive campaign that was destined to fail from the beginning." — Lindsey

"As Eisenhower in the Suez crisis, I would have stayed away from the UN just one more day, and let the British and French take Cairo. There would still be British power east of the Suez and I think the Middle East would have been better off." — Hal (Milledgville, GA)

"I would NOT have let the fundamentalists take over Iran. Jimmy Carter should be ashamed for letting this happen. He has some nerve criticizing the president. It's the reason why we are in the mess we are in now." — Bill

"I never would have allowed Africans to be brought over to become slaves." — Diann (Montana)

"I would go back to the '60s as Lyndon Johnson and rework — or totally eliminate — his Great Society Plan, especially as it pertains to Social Security. Although I give President Johnson credit for his vision of a nation without poverty, it was unrealistic of him to think that government would be the solution." — Jeff (Minneapolis, MN)

"I would follow Washington's advice and prevent the advent of political parties. Political parties have ruined the United States through the creation of the spoils system, allowing slavery to continue, and permitting the parties to establish dynasties in the legislature far beyond the intentions of the founding fathers." — Jim (Fort Worth TX)

"I would go back to the Bill Clinton years. After the attack on the USS Cole, I would have declared war on terror right then and there. That might have prevented any attacks on America." — Michael (Kansas City, MO)

"I would be Thomas Jefferson at the time of the writing of the Constitution. I would have added the phrases that American children have the right to pray in school and all human life (even the unborn) be protected from harm (excluding convicted felons). That slavery is abolished and churches have the right to support political candidates. As president, I would see that all of these laws are in place and the school children are taught a good understanding of the Consitution." — Steve (Cicero, IN)

"I would go back and honor the commitment we made to the Vietnamese during WWI when we indicated we would help them get the French out of the country as a colonial power. This would most likely avoided the Vietnam War and given us another ally in Asia." — John (Rio Rico, AZ)

"If I were president in 1935, I would have ignored the isolationists who claimed we couldn't win and said not to go to war, and I would have liberated Germany, Italy and Japan before Hitler and Tojo gained so much power. My actions would have made it possible to avoid World War II, and Pearl Harbor wouldn't have happened." — Virginia

"I want two eras (I'm selfish): If I were George Washington, I would mandate that under no circumstances would slavery be allowed. If I were George W. Bush, I'd seal the border immediately after the election." — Chris (Maine)

"We were at war in Iraq during Desert Storm, I would not have stopped when we liberated Kuwait. I would have continued on into Baghdad while the rest of the Iraqi army was out in the field. They would have been completely destroyed . Since then, they have learned to hide amongst the civilians like a bunch of cowards." — Joe (Alaska)

"I'd go back to the summer of 2001 and pay attention to the warnings that Condoleeza Rice received about impending suicide bomber attacks using planes, saving thousands of American lives. Although tragic, that oversight was understandable." — Monica

"I would go back in time to be President Clinton so that we could prevent the genocide of hundreds of thousand of Rwandans. It's an act of inaction that he himself says he regrets. If there was ever a time to appropriately act unilaterally, it was then." — Joel (Oakland, CA)

"I would like to be Harry S. Truman, and I would unleash our abilities on the government of Russia, and if at the time I knew they were going to be problematic, China, too. I say this because Russia and China have been the countries who have aided nearly all the despots around the world for over a half century, providing arms and support to the repression of millions of helpless people." — Harry (Mississippi)

"If I were F.D.R., I would not have chosen Truman as a running mate; he gave us the 'political' Korean War. If I were J.F.K., I would not have chosen Lyndon Johnson as a running mate; he lost the 'political' Vietnam War. Wars, once entered, should be run by the military, not politicians. Some folks never learn from history. Politicians are trying to run the Iraq war — or, more accurately, purposely trying to lose it." — WEA (Bismarck, ND)

"If I were president during the Great Depression I would have stayed the course to work our way out of financial trouble. F.D.R. borrowed our way out, which was the easiest and most expedient way, but our national debt is the enormous snowball that started from F.D.R.'s small socialist steps." — Richard

"I would allow God back into our country." — Sally

"I don't think the founding fathers realized how literally the Constitution would be taken, and so now we have lawyers that are able to make absolutely absurd things legal or illegal, regardless of common sense. I think I would be George Washington, and I would make sure that the use of common sense was somehow dictated in the Constitution. Attorneys these days just don't seem to have it (no offense to Greta though — she's fine)." — Jacob

"We should have taken on Russia in WWII, and maybe now we wouldn't have so many problems with people who get nuclear information.'" — Bob (Milwaukee, WI)

"We first got involved in Vietnam as advisers, I would have stopped that involvement (I never would have involved troops or military aid) altogether. I know all the reasons why we got involved in that struggle, both politically and militarily (I spent twenty six years in the military and a year in Vietnam), but I would have left that country on their own to solve their problems, as we should be doing in Irag and many Middle Eastern nations now." — Thomas (Salt Lake City, UT)

"This is an excellent question. I have contemplated the what-if's of going back to the Civil War period and offering compensated manumission, which I believe was done in England and Brazil when the people held in bondage were freed by paying the slave holders. I also think it would be great to be able to serve the presidential term of Thomas Jefferson, and to hear of the exploits of Lewis and Clark. I don't know that I would change much from that period, other than send more exploration expeditions out than just one." — Jim