Energize Your Underpants

Forget the Flintstones, all you need for your daily vitamin dose is a pair of souped-up skivvies.

Trendy Australian undies maker aussieBum has rolled out vitamin-infused undies called Essence, according to The New York Post.

Company founder Sean Ashby told the paper health-care giant Bayer developed the drawers' special blend of polyester and lycra to "trap organic substances, which are then released slowly by natural body heat."

The enlivening underpants offer "dermo-protective properties" and "give your whole body an overall feeling of well-being," the company said.

The beefed-up briefs come in acerola, a plant rich in vitamin C, ginseng and the company hopes to release a Viagra version soon, Ashby told The Post.

The concept was cooked up by "a bunch of us sitting around the pub last year, having a few beers, when I asked, 'What can we do with our knickers that'll be the next big thing?'" Ashby told The Post.

"One of my guys joked that we should put vitamins in them — and everyone laughed. But the next day I realized what a great idea that was," he said.

The $24 laced lingerie debuts in New York next month at men's retail chain Universal Gear — they were launched in Australia and Europe last month.

The toughened tighty-whities stay vital through 15 washings, and then should be soaked in "Essence Extender" to re-energize them, Ashby told The Post.

Some 25,000 pairs of invigorating underpants have already been sold worldwide so far.

Bill Might Let South Dakota Drunks Horse Around

Giddeyup!!!!! (hic)

Drunk South Dakotans would be allowed to ride a horse or bike home from the bar if a proposed bill passes in the state Legislature.

The House Transportation Committee passed the bill, which would cancel out a longstanding state law, last week 10-to-1, according to local KELO-TV News.

The bill would change the definition of vehicles so that it no longer included horses and bikes — but a Minnehaha County sergeant said it won't change things around Sioux Falls.

"I don't think we'll see much of a change around here. We don't have a lot of incidents where people are riding a horse drunk or riding a bicycle drunk," he told KELO-TV.

People riding horses and bikes also wouldn't have to obey stop signs if the bill passes.

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And the Cycle of Violence Continues...

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — You may recycle cans and bottles, but Charleston County has a request for its residents: Please don't recycle your old guns and ammunition.

The county is making the plea after dangerous items, including a loaded gun, were found earlier this month at the county recycling plant.

The plant has an assembly line where recycled items are sorted by hand, said Gregg Vainer, director of the county Solid Waste and Recycling Department.

Five women were working on the line on Jan. 17 when one found a torn paper bag containing bullets coming down the line.

Workers stopped to remove the bullets but shortly a second bag with another box of bullets came down the line. Then workers found a box with bullets and three guns — one of which was loaded.

Police were called to pick up the guns and ammunition.

"The worst thing someone can do is put these items in their recycling bins or drop-site containers, because those items will be hand-sorted by people, unlike their garbage," said department spokeswoman Christine DeStefano.

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Every Dog Has His Day

ST. LOUIS (AP) — A dachshund-cocker mix with a hard-luck past has ended up being the belle of the ball.

Tillie the pooch, rescued from a no-kill shelter in California, was named best in show Monday at Dog Show USA, an online competition that gives equal standing to purebreds and mutts. Some 45,000 people voted for Tillie, organizers said.

"This is a classic Cinderella story," said award presenter Ernie Planck, as he draped a medal and ribbon around Tillie's tiny neck. "She's a mixed-breed rescue dog selected from 15,000 entries. She is America's dog."

She also received a bouquet of carnations and a crystal water bowl.

NBC and pet food maker Purina, co-sponsors of the National Dog Show of purebreds, decided to launch a dog show with two firsts: the competition would include mixed breeds and the public would vote for contestants online.

Tillie, in the mixed-breed category, competed against winners in eight other areas — sporting, toy, herding, working, terrier, "best trick," "owner look-a-like," and "cutest face."

"Every dog deserves to have its day in the spotlight," said Michael Moore, interactive marketing director for Purina.

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Indianapolis Is in a Hole Lotta Trouble!

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The potholes here are getting out of control — and it's a man-made problem.

Thieves have made off with dozens of the hefty covers and sewer grates in the last few days, leaving gaping holes scattered in streets across the city.

City officials believe the high price of scrap metal is spurring the thefts and have been warning area scrap yards not to buy any manhole covers.

Crews worked Monday to put up warning barriers for the holes once protected by the covers, which can weigh about 300 pounds.

"This is a severe public safety hazard we have here," said Margie Smith-Simmons, a spokeswoman for the city's Department of Public Works. "These manholes range in depth from 4 feet to 30 feet deep."

She said the profit motive for such thefts has escalated over the past two years as the price for a ton of scrap steel has gone from about $70 to $300.

"Very tough, very time consuming, very expensive," Ronnie Sanders, a city public works project manager, said of replacing the covers. "It's taxpayer dollars going out the window."

Make Hers a Blood Lite

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) — A Florida woman has been charged with drunken driving.

On her way to a blood drive.

While driving the bloodmobile.

Police say Sharon Dunlap ran a red light while driving the vehicle on Wednesday. She told them she had stopped drinking about 14 hours earlier, and had taken some pain pills.

They say she failed a field sobriety test.

Dunlap has been suspended from her job.

Geez, That House Guest Was a Real Snake!

SYDNEY, Australia (AP) — Talk about unwanted house guests.

A 78-year-old Australian woman was rushed to a hospital after she was bitten by a 5-foot snake, a newspaper reported Monday.

Valerie Makin, a great-grandmother from the southern city of Melbourne, was sitting on her couch knitting and watching television when she saw the unwanted visitor, the Melbourne Sun newspaper reported.

As she tried to flick it away, it sank its fangs into her left arm, the paper said.

"She never even raised her voice," said Makin's daughter, Janice Milinkovic, who was in her bedroom when her mother came in and said she had been bitten.

Makin was rushed to a nearby hospital, but she did not suffer any poisoning because the snake's fangs only punctured the skin and the venom did not enter her bloodstream, the newspaper said.

The creature — known as a brown snake — crawled under the couch where it remained until a pest control inspector removed it from the house, the report said.

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