A lot of serious topics and of course some fun for our viewers this weekend!

First up, the Long and Short of It with Ellen Ratner and Jim Pinkerton. Quite naturally, more buzz about Vice President Dick Cheney. Is this incident overblown? Ellen and Jim will certainly do battle over this one! Plus, more on mid-term elections, etc.

Our old friend Col. David Hunt joins us to give his insight on the War on Terror and the Saddam tapes. This should be very interesting as more revelations should come from those tapes this weekend!

You may have heard that Natalee Holloway’s parents filed a lawsuit in New York City against those they believe abducted her. Why New York? And does this lawsuit have any teeth? Legal expert Craig Mitnick joins us to shed some new light into this mysterious case!

We'll talk about Mardi Gras and what's happening now in the "Big Easy" post-Katrina.

And for all of you who love to cook, we’ll tell you how to pick the best and freshest fish.

Myself, Alisyn and Page will amuse you with a little Hawaiian hula dancing (you gotta tape this one), and for those folks freezing up north, we'll try and warm you up with a little fun from the South Beach Wine & Food festival!

So turn on your sets, sit back and watch the No. 1 weekend cable morning news show in America as we bring the news and mix in some fun as well!

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