Northern Plains Expects Chill

Forecasters predicted another day of warm weather in the Northeast on Friday, while the northern Plains will get colder and a cold-weather system from the Pacific Ocean is expected to bring rain to California.

Clouds will spread over the Northeast as the front approaches and the chance of thunderstorms will increase throughout the day.

The northern Plains will get colder, with temperatures across all the northern tier states struggling even to reach the negative single digits in many areas. Skies across the area will be clear, allowing a little sunshine through in parts, however.

California was expected to end its weeks long dry spell as a system moves in off the Pacific Ocean, bringing snow to the hills around the Bay Area and Santa Cruz.

The Southeast will also see some rain and clouds from the system affecting the Northeast, though the temperature drop will be less noticeable as the front passes.

Temperatures in the Lower 48 states ranged from a low of minus 27 degrees in International Falls, Minn., to a high of 91 degrees in Laredo, Texas.