Negroponte: Al Qaeda Remains 'Global Jihadist Movement'

The director of national intelligence said Friday that while the United States has made important strides in thwarting Al Qaeda, it still remains one of the most formidable components of what he called a "global jihadist movement."

John Negroponte said despite the fact that many of its operational leaders have been killed or captured, "Al Qaeda will attempt high-impact attacks for as long as its central command structures functioning."

Negroponte told an audience at Georgetown University that explosives remain Al Qaeda's weapon of choice, but he says its operatives are still trying to get their hands on chemical, biological and nuclear weapons.

Negroponte said the changes in the way the American intelligence community operates have made the nation safer than it was on 9/11. He said intelligence agencies are working together more closely than ever, and that coordination is critical in preventing another domestic terror attack.