Your Grrrs: Feb. 16, 2006

Tom in Cyberspace: Mikey, maybe after you have done something with your life ... you can become a Supreme Court judge have everyone behave as you wish. Fortunately, Lance will continue to be an AMERICAN HERO long after your column (+ you) have turned to dust.

Jim in Cyberspace: Thank you Grrr for the honest look at Lance Armstrong. Life is about denying yourself and doing what is right toward others. It is the only way to true peace and fulfillment. The world has so many things wrong. Keep being bold and calling things as they are.

Cynthia in Middle America writes: Mike, you say it the way middle America says it. It is the press who gets it wrong. Everything you put in print I've heard with my own ears already. The press does not reflect the public. Isn't only plain as day ... look at the Oscars. Yes, the press makes excuses for superstars' immoral and poor behavior. They get a pass with the press but middle America isn't that stupid!

Marcie in Texas: Thanks for exposing one of my biggest Grrrs -- the double standard we're exposed to, especially with all the liberal Hollywood types and other "quasi-celebrities" who jump from bed to bed and relationship to relationship! And we wonder why our young people's morals are so corrupt?! Get it right, "celebs," and COMMIT to a relationship -- it might be work, but it's the right thing to do!

Kristen in Cyberspace: How can you criticize Hollywood marriages when you don't know the real reasons behind the breakup? Exactly how long do you think your marriage would last if you had the media scrutinizing every little detail and not giving you a moment's peace? Not to mention all of the slimeballs who make money off of creating rumors in an attempt to break these couples up (unfortunately, break-ups mean more $ for the magazines).

Please don't criticize celebrity couples unless you have ALL of the TRUE details as to why it didn't work out. It makes you sound as bad as the tabloids.

Jerry in Austin, Texas: If you think Lance Armstrong is overrated where you live, try living in Austin. Half the population of this city cycles down busy city streets 24-7 in their "stylish" tights and helmets, quietly praying to their local god.

Gay H. writes: Leave it to a no-talent HACK like you to dis Lance Armstrong for his personal life, which you know nothing about except what you read in the press (and we all know how reliable that is). At least he is attempting to spread a little positive attitude in the world, instead of bitching and moaning about every little irritant and annoyance. Shame on you!

Elizabeth writes: AMEN! I'm sick of Lance Armstrong, too. I'm also sick of Sheryl Crow. Talk about overexposed -- she never met a public appearance she didn't like. Enough already. Every time I turn on the TV there is Sheryl Crow giving the viewers at home another tone-deaf performance of one of her overplayed pop songs. Thank you Mike Straka for saying what no one else has said about this "American Icon." Lance Armstrong needs to go away and I wish he would take Sheryl Crow with him.

Scott G. in Cyberspace: Love your column and wanted to give you the scoop on those Waikiki hookers. Most of them, believe it or not, are men. HBO did a big documentary on it. I'm sure they appreciate your press though!

Corrine watching the Saddam trial: I read with interest Saddam's juvenile behavior and outbursts in court, not only today but for the duration of the trial. I can't help but think how childish he is. And then I thought of a possible solution -- every time he has an outburst, every time he turns his back (or for every minute he keeps it turned) levy large fines from the defense attorneys. I am sure after a few thousand dollars disappear from their coffers they will get him to straighten up. I am sick of his intimidation, and certainly the prosecutors can't stoop to his level but if the judge can levy fines I am willing to bet his attorneys will tell him to lay off the theatrics or else!

Pittsburgh Steelers Fan Dwayne writes: I frequent my local version of Craigslist and the Seahawk fans have been spamming our board daily since their team LOST the Super Bowl. Some of the fans are vision impaired and others just don’t understand the game. Shannon’s example is proof she doesn’t know the rules. It is irrelevant where the ball was when Ben landed. He clearly broke the plain while in the air, which is the requirement for a touchdown. Also, your receiver was stupid enough to push off right in front of the ref. Duh! And my local news channel was kind enough to slow down the holding call and there was a clear shot of a fist full of jersey. The only call I think they messed up was the low block call on the quarterback, and that certainly wasn’t the deciding factor of the game. We WON. Get over it already!

Mrs. H writes: My Grrr!... to the networks that cover the Olympics. I look forward each night to watching the best athletes in the world, but when I get on the Internet during the day, the results are posted as a “headline” on the front page of many news Web sites. That ruins the surprise and I have no desire to watch the evening coverage. Thanks to (cough cough) I have no reason to watch because the results are the “headline”. Thanks to for keeping the results off the main page so that I can watch the coverage in the evening.

Ken in Colorado: Two years ago I wrote you a Grrr concerning NBC's coverage of the Olympics that you published (those ridiculous Olympic moments instead of actually showing us them competing). All I have to say after watching this weekend's coverage (or lack thereof) of the Olympics is: DITTO to what I said two years ago. GRRR!

Elizabeth and Mrs. Robyn T.D both want to see the tattoo: Will you put up a picture of the tat? I'm sure we'd all like to see it! But make sure you flex when you take the picture ... hey Mr. Grrr!, show us your "tat" on the next Real Deal video!

--Mrs. Grrr! says no.

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