Vice President Goes on the Record

In an exclusive interview Wednesday, a contrite Cheney told FOX News that he alone is responsible for Whittington's hospitalization. Ultimately I'm the guy who pulled the trigger that fired the round that hit Harry," Cheney said in his first interview since the incident. "I'm the guy who pulled the trigger and shot my friend, and that's something I'll never forget." Read more.

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Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

"The guy is only human and he made a mistake. Hunting is dangerous, it happens. Additionally, it was his aids that gave this man poor advice. He took the heat for it. People are far too critical of every politician, there is no perfection." — Thomas (Brooklyn, NY)

"I couldn't care less if I heard about it within one hour or 24 hours. If I was a high ranking government official and didn't have a press person with me, I'd have done the same thing. And, at the end of the day, as someone who has hunted and gone through hunting courses, I realize it was just an accident." — Beth (Powder Springs, GA)

"Absolutely. If the press had a recent history of being responsible in their reporting, it would have been nice to know earlier so the nation could pray for VP Cheney and his friend." — Bryan

"No. The Vice President of the United States shoots somebody and that fact is not released until a day later and then by some friend of the vice president's to one small Texas newspaper? This is unacceptable. Secrecy rules in the Bush-Cheney administration. Hope my phone's not tapped." — Barb

"The hunting accident is not important to anyone but most media and the Dems inside the Beltway. It does not affect most Americans. Timely reporting or late reporting does not make any difference regarding getting hit by buck shoot on a hunting trip. It's time to get back to REAL news that effects the nation or the world." — James (Lubbock, TX)

"Cheney was just using a well-scripted explanation. What it did reveal is how secretive he and the current administration is. These dishonest men have so much to hide and do such harm to democracy." — Sue (New York, NY)

"This story is being hyped to the ridiculous! Get over it and get onto something really important. The White House press corps is sick." — Marian

"It is just ridiculous that what he was doing is called hunting. He DROVE up to game. Explain that Dick." — Justin (Houston, TX)

"Bravo Brit and FNC! It was hysterical to watch the crybabies in the White House press corps who were just pissed about them not scooping the initial story. Now, I am sure that these same whining elitists (who do not reflect the opinions of most Americans) will grill the White House about why FNC got the story first. It just shows you how disgusting and insulated the Beltway is from the rest of the country when these so-called journalists couldn't care less that a man was shot. I don't remember any of them wishing Harry Whittington well." — Gene (Georgetown, SC)

"He is the VP, He is in a powerful position, He is just a man who has made a horrific mistake. It was a hunting accident involving a long time friend. Ask yourself how you would feel if you just shot one of your friends by accident. It is an extremely personal matter. He did all the right things. Got immediate help, call the authorities, informed the news media." — Ken (Atlanta, GA)

"I am personally satisfied with Mr. Cheney's explanation which I thought was sincere and thorough. Now, I would like an explanation and an apology from the White House press corps about their immature behavior." — Ronni (New Jersey)