Newborn Niece 90 Minutes Older Than Newborn Uncle

A 42-year-old woman and her daughter each had babies 90 minutes apart, assisted by the same nurses in the same room at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center.

Both Sherri Callister, of Mona, and daughter Chelsee Bushman, 22, of Springville, were having pregnancy complications when the babies were delivered by Caesarean section last Thursday.

"At first, just finding out my mom was pregnant was a big surprise," Bushman said.

Bushman was due April 17, but her water broke early. She had been on bed rest in the hospital for three weeks when her mother, who was due around March 30, was admitted to the hospital for high blood pressure.

Bushman delivered first — 3-pound daughter Bentley May. Ninety minutes later, Callister had a son, 5-pound, 8-ounce Dakota Dean.

Bentley may be an hour and a half older, but her newborn uncle is much bigger.

"That pound and a half really makes a difference," Bushman said.

Callister said initially she had anticipated being sufficiently recovered from her own pregnancy to help her daughter when she gave birth.

"I haven't been much help to her," said Callister, who was hospitalized until Monday.