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Rice Wants $75M to Support Iran Democracy
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice asked Congress on Wednesday for $75 million this year to build democracy in Iran, saying the U.S. must support Iranians who are seeking freedoms under what she called a "radical regime."

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Valentine's Day: Love It or Hate It?
It's the holiday of love, when sweeties across America celebrate with crimson roses, chocolate hearts, and candlelit dinners for two. Some feel icky about the sappy quality that characterizes Feb. 14. Plenty of Valentine's Day scrooges despise what they say is the corny, forced sentimentalism of a contrived, overly commercialized holiday.

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Out With the Old in Mississippi?
Director Spike Lee, known for his stylish and controversial films, said Mississippi should get rid of the state flag during a speech at the University of Mississippi's Black History Month celebration.

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TSA's "Registered Traveler" Program
Becoming a trusted flier through the Transportation Security Administration's new "Registered Traveler" program may get fliers through a shorter line at the airport, but they better be prepared to submit fingerprints, pay a fee and go through a criminal background check first.

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Fairness in Asbestos Injury Resolution Act
A controversial bill that would set up a $140 billion fund for people with illnesses linked to asbestos exposure is set for a Senate showdown.

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$439B Defense Budget
Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld faced criticism from one committee member who said the $439.3 billion defense budget for 2007 that President Bush proposed is not responsible because it doesn't reflect the billions of dollars that will be spent on Iraq and Afghanistan. Read more.

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Yahoo, AOL to Charge E-Mail Senders Postage
Two of the world's biggest e-mail account providers, Yahoo Inc. and America Online, plan to introduce a service that would charge senders a fee to route their e-mail directly to a user's mailbox without first passing through junk mail filters, representatives of both companies said Sunday. Read more.

Do you give e-mail postage an Up or Down vote?
Budget Cuts to Hike Medicaid Premiums, Co-Pays for Millions
Roughly 13 million people, or about one-fifth of the nation's Medicaid beneficiaries, will face new or increased co-payments and premiums for doctors visits, non-emergency hospital visits and prescription drugs under soon-to-be-enacted budget cuts. Read more.

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Mining Shutdown in West Virginia?
Gov. Joe Manchin requested that all 544 mines to conduct safety checks before continuing operations. Sixteen miners have died in four separate accidents in West Virginia mines already this year, the latest of them in two mines on Wednesday. Read more.

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Strengthening the Secret Service
A new provision tucked into the Patriot Act bill, now before Congress, would allow authorities to haul demonstrators at any "special event of national significance" away to jail on felony charges if they are caught breaching a security perimeter. Read more.

Do you give this increase in power to the Secret Service an Up or Down vote.
Skirting the Issue?
A male high school student can wear a skirt to school after the American Civil Liberties Union reached an agreement with school officials. The ACLU announced the deal Tuesday. It will allow a Hasbrouck Heights School senior to wear a skirt to protest the school's no-shorts policy. Read more.

Would you have voted to allow a male student to wear a skirt to school? Give this an Up or Down vote.
“Idol” Out of Line?
The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation believe that judges Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson made questionable comments on last week's premiere episode. On the show, Cowell told one male contestant to "wear a dress" and Jackson asked another, "are you a girl?" Read more.

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John McCain for President?
On "FOX News Sunday" this past weekend (Sundays at 6pm ET), Chris Wallace asked Senator John McCain (R-AZ) about his presidential ambitions. McCain joking said, "I make them [his staff] sing 'Hail to the Chief.'" Read the Transcript.

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Clemency for American Taliban?
After years of silence, the father of American-born Taliban soldier John Walker Lindh called on President Bush on Thursday to grant clemency to his son, who he says was wrongly maligned as a traitor and murderer. Lindh, who turns 25 next month, was 20 when he was captured by American forces on Nov. 21, 2001, alongside Taliban fighters. Read more.

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Truce With Bin Laden?
Al-Jazeera has broadcast an audiotape purportedly from Usama bin Laden, saying Al Qaeda is making preparations for attacks in the United States. In the same recording, the terror mastermind behind the September 11 attacks offers a conditional truce with Americans. Read more.

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Early Release Set for Oklahoma Bombing Trial Witness
Michael Fortier, the prosecution's star witness in the Oklahoma City bombing trials, will be freed this week after serving less than 11 years behind bars, a move that drew mixed reaction from victims. Read more.

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Pull Haleigh From Life Support?
The state's highest court ruled Tuesday that the state can withdraw life support from an 11-year-old girl who was badly beaten back in September, allegedly by her adoptive mother and stepfather. The girl's stepfather, Jason Strickland, asked the Supreme Judicial Court last month to block the state from taking her off life support, arguing that he was the girl's "de facto" parent. He is already charged in her beating and if she dies, could face a murder charge. Read more.

Do you agree with the court’s decision to allow the state to take Haleigh Poutre off of life support? Give this an Up or Down vote.
Smoking Ban Exemptions
On April 15, New Jersey will become the 11th state in the nation to prohibit smoking in restaurants and bars, according to the American Cancer Society. However, the Garden State exempted gambling areas at the request of Atlantic City's $5 billion-a-year casino industry, which said a total smoking ban would cause losses in profits, state tax revenues and jobs. Read more.

Should casinos be exempt from statewide smoking bans? Give this an Up or Down vote.
Too Sexy for TV?
Ever since Janet Jackson's infamous “wardrobe malfunction" during the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show, many have called upon the FCC, broadcasters and even Congress to re-examine television content and the guidelines that rate it. But one type of programming that is viewed by all audiences at all hours on every network has continued to escape regulation: commercials. A full-scale Senate hearing on the subject is scheduled for Jan. 19. Read more.

Do you think the government should regulate television commercials? Give this an Up or Down vote.
What's Your Name?
Ohio Republican Gov. Bob Taft has signed a bill into law that will give police officers the right to ask individuals, 'What's your name?' as a tool to fight terrorism. Failure to identify oneself could land an individual in jail. The law also requires those applying for state driver's licenses to sign a form that they haven't supported terrorist organizations. Read more.

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NY Ferry Sentences
The pilot at the helm of a Staten Island ferry during a 2003 crash that killed 11 people was sentenced Monday to 18 months in prison. The city's former ferry director was sentenced to one year in prison. Read more.

Do you agree with these jail sentences? Give this an Up or Down vote.
Free Pope Shooter?
A court has approved the prison release of the man who shot Pope John Paul II in 1981, saying he completed his sentence for crimes he committed in Turkey, the semiofficial Anatolia news agency reported Sunday. Mehmet Ali Agca, 46, was extradited to Turkey in 2000 after serving almost 20 years in Italy for shooting and wounding the pope in St. Peter's Square in Rome. Read more.

Do you think Mehmet Ali Agca should be released from prison? Give this an Up or Down vote.
Death Penalty Error?
Virginia Gov. Mark R. Warner has ordered DNA evidence retested to determine whether Roger Keith Coleman, convicted of rape and murder, was innocent when he was executed in 1992. If the testing shows he did not rape and kill his sister-in-law in 1981, it will be the first time in the U.S. a person has been exonerated by scientific testing after his execution, according to death penalty opponents.

Do you think this type of testing should occur even after a case has been concluded? Give this an Up or Down vote.
Illegal Lawyer Sex?
The D.C. Court of Appeals is considering revisions to ethics rules based on a model from the American Bar Association. That model considers "transactions" — another word for sex — with clients to be a conflict of interest. The local Bar Association in Washington, D.C., believes an outright ban goes to far and prefers a strong warning.

Should lawyers be penalized for sleeping with a client? Give this an Up or Down vote.
Google Computer?
Speculation is intensifying that Google will unveil a $200 computer this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The new PC-style device is said not to rely on the Microsoft operating system and will connect users to the Internet.

While it’s currently only a rumor, would you be interested in a Google computer? Give this an Up or Down vote.
President Trump?
Donald Trump, the billionaire real estate developer and TV personality, is allegedly considering a run for a high-ranking public office. Trump flirted with a possible run for president on the Reform Party ticket in 2000 and has given money to Republicans and Democrats alike in state races. Read more.

Do you think Donald Trump would make a good political leader? Give his political ambitions an Up or Down vote.
"The Book of Daniel"
Conservative Christians are gearing up for a holy war of sorts over NBC's forthcoming show "The Book of Daniel," airing the first week of 2006. The American Family Association (AFA), a leading group in the Christian Right movement, has called for a boycott of the series about a self-medicating Episcopalian priest whose son is gay, whose daughter deals pot and whose wife is a midday martini-lover. Read more.

Do you think “The Book of Daniel” goes too far? Give the new show an Up or Down vote.
Prostitution Busts
New federal legislation plans to grant state and local law-enforcement agencies the funding to investigate and prosecute men who are involved with prostitution. Brothel owners, pimps, and customers would become targets for arrest. In the past, police sweeps of prostitution rings have focused primarily on women.

Would you allocate greater funding to arrest those responsible for setting up prostitution rings? Up or Down vote.
Katrina Destruction Becomes Tourist Attraction
New Orleans bus company Gray Line plans on running "The Hurricane Katrina Tour — America's Worst Catastrophe" beginning on January 4. For $35 per person, $28 for children, the three-hour tour brings visitors to the Superdome, the Convention Center and neighborhoods ravaged by the deadly hurricane. Watch video.

Is the Katrina tour exploitation or an educational experience? Give the bus tour an Up or Down vote.
Troop Drawdowns in Iraq
Just days after Iraq's elections, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has announced the first of what is likely to be a series of U.S. combat troop drawdowns in Iraq in 2006. The exact size of the troop cut was not specified, but Pentagon officials have said it could be as many as 7,000 combat troops. Read more.

Do you agree with the decision to start sending troops home from Iraq? Give this an Up or Down vote.
House Renews Patriot Act
The House has renewed the Patriot Act until February 3, giving lawmakers the chance to revisit controversial portions of the act that have been subject to extensive opposition. Read more.

Would you extend the controversial Patriot Act? Give this an Up or Down vote.
Palestinian Officials May Cancel Elections
The Palestinian Authority will cancel January's parliamentary elections if Israel goes ahead with its plan to bar Jerusalem Palestinians from voting. Israel will not allow Jerusalem Palestinians to vote because it objects to the participation of Hamas militants in the race, and does not want to help bring its candidates to power. Read more.

Should Hamas militants be allowed to participate in Palestinian elections? Give this an Up or Down vote.
Parole for TWA Hijacker
Mohammed Ali Hamadi has been paroled from prison after serving 19 years of a life sentence for the 1985 hijacking of a TWA jetliner and for killing a U.S. Navy diver, a law enforcement official said Tuesday. Read more.

Would you have given Hamadi’s parole an Up or Down vote? Tell us!
Domestic Eavesdropping
Responding to a congressional uproar, the Bush administration said Monday that a secret domestic surveillance program, which involved eavesdropping on international phone calls and e-mails, had yielded intelligence results that would not have been available otherwise in the War on Terror. Read more.

Do you think the government should be allowed to eavesdrop without seeking a court-ordered warrant? Give this an Up or Down vote.
Border Fence
A federal judge on Monday lifted the final legal barrier to completing a border fence meant to thwart illegal immigrants in the southwestern corner of the U.S. Read more.

Do you think border fences are a good idea? Give this an Up or Down vote.
Extend Airport Runways?
Last week’s deadly accident in which a Boeing 737 slid off the end of a snowy runway brought renewed demands for buffer zones or other safety measures at hundreds of U.S. airports. A new federal law seeks to encourage more airports to build safety systems or extend their runway barriers. Read more.

Do you agree with a law that would extend airport runways? Give this an Up or Down vote.
Should We Control Weather?
After a brutal year of extreme and deadly weather, lawmakers are looking for ways to beat Mother Nature. And while it's still a bit of a long shot, Uncle Sam could be called in to sponsor research to find ways to blast dangerous storms out of the sky or put rain clouds over parched land. Read more.

Should we try to control Mother Nature? Give this an Up or Down vote.
Would You Save “Tookie’s” Life?
Clemency is likely the only avenue available to spare Crips gang co-founder Stanley Tookie Williams' life for killing four people 26 years ago. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will make the decision whether the execution should be carried out or thrown out. Read more.

Would you save “Tookie?” Give clemency an Up or Down vote.
Recruiting on Campus
Several top law schools claim that the government has violated their First Amendment rights by requiring them to assist military recruiters on campus. The Supreme Court will decide whether the government may pull funding from universities if their law schools do not host Judge Advocate General (JAG) Corps recruiters on campus.

Should the government pull funding from academic institutions that turn away military recruiters? Give this an Up or Down vote.
Protect the Flag?
Senator Bob Bennett (R-UT) has proposed new legislation that would outlaw flag-trashing without addressing the issue of a Constitutional amendment to ban it. The bill makes it illegal for a protester to desecrate the flag as an intimidation tactic, light somebody else's flag on fire, or destroy the flag on federal property.

Do you agree with Senator Bennett's anti-flag-burning bill? Give it an Up or Down vote.
Scissors on Planes
The government's proposal to allow small scissors and some other sharp objects back onto airliners is causing an uproar among flight attendants, families of victims of the Sept. 11 hijackings and several lawmakers. Read more here.

Do you agree with the TSA plan that would allow airline passengers to carry scissors, wrenches and screwdrivers? Give this an Up or Down vote.
World’s First Face Transplant?
Doctors in France say they have performed the world's first partial face transplant by performing an operation on a woman disfigured by a dog bite. The 38-year-old woman had a nose, lips and chin grafted onto her face from a brain-dead donor whose family gave consent. Read more here.

Do you agree with this medical breakthrough? Share your thoughts and give this type of radical medicine an Up or Down vote.
Can Separate Beds Save Marriage?
Does your partner snore or fidget through all hours of the night? A new study reveals that 31 percent of couples are changing their sleep habits because of a mate's sleep problems. Read more here.

Do you think sleeping apart helps or hurts a relationship? Give separate beds an Up or Down vote.
New Anti-Terror Tactic
Miami police have announced that they will stage random shows of force at hotels, banks and other public places to keep terrorists guessing and remind people to be vigilant. Read more here.

Do you give this aggressive anti-terror tactic an Up or Down vote?
Eliminating Birthright Citizenship
Birthright citizenship is the right in which babies born in the United States, even to parents in the country illegally, automatically become American citizens. Critics call them anchor babies, and say the laws should be changed to prevent automatic citizenship that could, in the end, reward illegal immigrants. Read more here.

Do you give the bill denying birthright citizenship an Up or Down vote?
Vatican Gay Stance
The Vatican says homosexuals who are sexually active or support "gay culture" are unwelcome in the priesthood unless they have overcome their homosexual tendencies for at least three years, according to a church document posted on the Internet by an Italian Catholic news agency. Read more here.

Do you give the Vatican’s decision an Up or Down vote? Tell us.
Xbox 360 Frenzy
People braved long lines overnight to be the first to own the new Microsoft Xbox 360. The new console plays high-definition games, music, DVDs, displays photos, and is the center of a strategy for Microsoft's new online initiative called Windows Live. Read more here.

Xbox 360: Microsoft hype or the real deal? Tell us if you give the new console an Up or Down vote.
Tax Breaks for P.R.?
Sen. Hillary Clinton is the sole sponsor of a bill that would pay out $50 million in tax refunds over the next 10 years to the citizens of Puerto Rico. Under the bill, residents would be entitled to child-credit refunds on Social Security and Medicare taxes — even though they pay no federal income tax.

Do you give this Puerto Rico tax refund an Up or Down vote.
Jail or No Jail for Russell Crowe?
Actor Russell Crowe avoided jail time by pleaded guilty to third-degree assault for throwing a phone that hit a Manhattan hotel concierge in June. A judge sentenced the star to a conditional discharge, which means he must not get arrested for one year.

How would you have sentenced the Oscar-winning star? Tell us if you give jail time for Crowe an Up or Down vote.
Pop a Pill for Curly Hair?
For the first time, scientists say they’ve discovered what controls the follicle shape of your hair. This breakthrough is expected to spawn a wave of pharmaceuticals that will allow users to choose between straight, wavy and curly hair.

Would you take drugs to change the style of your hair? Give this an Up or Down vote.
Ruthless Weapons?
Pentagon officials have acknowledged that white phosphorus, a substance that can cause painful burn injuries when exposed to human flesh, was used as a weapon against insurgent strongholds during the battle of Fallujah last November. Though the U.S. has not violated any international weapons laws, some are questioning if such an extreme measure was necessary.

Do you think white phosphorus, and weapons like it, are necessary in the war on terror? Give this an Up or Down vote.
Supreme Court TV?
Senate mulls a bill that would give media members access to federal court proceedings despite justices' resistance.

Should the Supreme Court allow cameras, tape recorders or electronic devices into their chambers or courtroom? Read more and tell us if you give this an Up or Down vote.
Oil Drilling in Alaska
The House has abandoned an attempt to push through a hotly contested plan to open an Alaskan wildlife refuge to oil drilling, quashing President Bush’s top energy priority and scoring a major victory for environmentalists.

Would you allow oil companies to tap Alaska’s resources? Read more and tell us if you give this an Up or Down vote.
Still Eating Chicken?
Kentucky Fried Chicken and other chicken-based businesses are looking into campaigns to keep Americans flocking to their poultry products.

Is a potential avian flu outbreak in America keeping you away from chicken? Let us know if chicken gets an Up or Down vote on your dinner table!
Mile "High" Mistake?
Denver residents over 21 years old are now legally permitted to carry up to an ounce of marijuana. Seattle and Oakland, CA already have laws making possession the lowest law enforcement priority. Read more.

Do you think marijuana drug laws are becoming too lax? Tell us if you give this an Up or Down vote.
NASA Misspending YOUR Money?
Several government auditors have testified that NASA has made little progress in accounting for how it spends taxpayer money. With a $100 billion plan to put humans back on the Moon by 2018, many lawmakers fear the agency's finances are so jumbled that there is great risk for fraud and abuse.

Should NASA scrap the program until they fix their accounting woes? Tell us if you give this an Up or Down vote.
Should Bush Bring 20K Troops Home For Christmas?
Sen. John Kerry says yes if the December parliamentary elections in Iraq are successful.

Let us know if you'd give Kerry's plan an Up or Down vote.
Halloween Curfew for Sex Offenders
New Jersey sex offenders who face supervision under Megan's Law will be confined to their homes after 7p.m. on Halloween, under orders NOT to answer the door when trick-or-treaters come calling.

Should other states follow suit? Let us know if you give the sex offender curfew an Up or Down vote.
Three Rings of Terror?
A long battle continues between animal rights activists and circuses over the treatment of performance animals, specifically elephants. Over a dozen U.S. communities have already banned the circus from visiting.

How would you vote on a law banning animal performances — Up or Down?
Protect Gun Industry From Lawsuits?
Congress has passed a bill that protects the firearm manufacturers and retailers from massive crime-victim lawsuits. If signed by President Bush as expected, six pending lawsuits by local governments will be dismissed.

Do you agree with Congress’s decision? Tell us if you give bill an Up or Down vote.
Extend Paid Maternity Leave?
A government proposal in England would increase paternity leave to six months for new dads, allowing parents to share the 12 months of leave currently offered to mothers. In the U.S., paid maternity/paternity leave is NOT federal law.

Tell us if you give this proposal an Up or Down vote in the U.S. and why.
Illegal Immigration Solution?
Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (TX-R) has introduced a new bill that would give state and local law enforcement the power to detain, arrest and prosecute illegal immigrants in Texas. Currently, local police can only report the matter to federal authorities.

Do you think giving local authorities more power will help cure this national security problem? Tell us if you give this an Up or Down vote and why.
Apple introduced a new iPod on Wednesday that is capable of playing everything from TV shows to music videos. Now that the dust has settled from the big announcement, we want to know if you really want video on your iPod.

Read more here and tell us if you give the new electronic device an Up or Down vote and why.
Behind the Counter
With flu season around the corner many stores are pulling common cold medications such as Tylenol and Sudafed from shelves. They are being placed behind counters to prevent drug users from making homemade methamphetamine.

Should the purchase of “everyday” medications be supervised? Tell us if you give this an Up or Down vote.
Going Broke Becomes More Expensive
The biggest bankruptcy overhaul in 25 years will impact the process by charging higher fees, extending the filing process, and disqualifying some people from filing altogether.

Creditors say the new law will reduce fraud, while some believe it will limit options for those struck by illness, job loss or divorce.

Tell us if you give tougher bankruptcy laws an Up or Down vote.