On Your Mark, Get Set, Cluck!

It was a wild show today as we try and forge ahead without the ability to use Olympic highlights.

Steve Doocy was invaluable on "FOX & Friends First" with his erasable board totals. So many news centers are focusing on who wins the medals. Why not focus on who isn't? Come on Bermuda, we are losing patience! You too, Trinidad. After all, that's why we gave you Tobago!

To help stay in the Olympic spirit — without the use of highlights — we also created our own drama with the smelly chicken on a remote controlled tractor race. I do believe that 'FOX & Friends' is the only show with chicken tractor races and can I just say on behalf of Steve and E.D. how proud I am about that fact!

Tuesday's sports also had an additional aide with the call in reporting of Villanova's own, Peter Doocy. The oldest son of Steve and Cathy called in with his first-person account of the Wildcats upset win over top ranked UConn. Of course, there were hits all over the highlights fed in for the game, so we did not get to capture the emotion inside the arena. Therefore Peter was vital to the enjoyment of the sportscast. It was one of the few times Steve stayed in the studio while I did the sports. Usually after the weather, he goes outside and signs autographs.

The rest of the show was mostly about Dick Cheney's hunting mishap and finally — I think — the victim is recovering and soon the story will shrink. However when it's the main subject in every late night host's monologue, well let's just says it's bigger than life. I for one, walk away and think I have to travel more. The VP spends the days hunting on a ranch that spans 50,000 acres and no one is amazed. I can't believe one person can own 50,000 acres. Wow. I have trouble controlling 80 by myself.

The new Swimsuit Edition of Sports Illustrated is now out and — good news, people — there are eight legendary cover girls gracing the front page and that should not hurt sales in the slowest sports week of the year. I do not understand why Maria Sharapova has to lay face down in the sand and look sexy, when her talent is tennis. OK, I get why models strike a pose, but an athlete should be an athlete and let the models be models. But that's just me.

Look for Steeler star Jerome Bettis on Wednesday, NASCAR's Jeff Gordon on Friday and much, much more all day. As for Tiki, he returns to our airwaves next Tuesday and look for him everywhere else on the channel too as he puts aside his full-time job with the Giants.

Finally, if you're looking for my book — signed and sent — go to www.briankilmeade.com and grab "The Games Do Count" and E.D.'s "Going Places" at www.hillfriends.com.


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