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Hi folks,

Glad to be back from an unpleasant vacation in my bed, nursing that nasty flu that seems to have taken out half the country. I'm going to keep Tuesday's blog brief, for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that I'm still a wee bit under the weather. And no, it's not from kissing Mike, as he likes to accuse. I shudder...

We had quite a festive show planned, being Valentine’s Day. Alas, this is the news biz and we had breaking news from the moment ‘DaySide’ began. We took a live shot at the White House of President Bush welcoming the University of Texas Longhorns (NCAA football champs). The president seemed particularly enthusiastic — probably had something to do with the fact that his wife and daughter Jenna both attended, as did several White House staffers, including spokesman Scott McClellan and counselor Dan Bartlett.

And speaking of... Mr. McClellan has had a few heated exchanges since this weekend's accidental shooting. Prior to the show, the studio audience — several members of it, at least — wondered if all the late night talk show hosts’ jokes weren't crossing the line into 'extremely insensitive' territory. My sentiments exactly! Initially, reports were the victim was stable, but yeah, yeah he'll be just fine. Come to find out things were markedly different. A birdshot that hit 78-year old Harry Whittington migrated to his heart. This info broke just a few minutes into our show, so obviously we made a U-turn out of love central, appropriately.

Some e-mail from our viewers:

"Would you folks on Dayside stop the irresponsible histrionics about Mr. Whittington?? Those of us who (still) watch FOX expect the TRUTH… not inaccurate melodrama. Brit Hume seems to be the only responsible journalist left on FOX. PLEASE, cut it out. Calm down and tell the truth."
—Lynnette Peffley

How exactly have we displayed 'irresponsible histrionics'? How have we lied? Read on...

"Enough, Please! I would really like to hear more about what news is breaking in this country and less about a hunting accident regardless of who was involved. Move on to the real issues!"
—Joshua A. Kelch

Many of you agree with Joshua. I respectfully disagree. Personally, this is news to me because of the potential implications. If, God forbid, this situation worsens and Mr. Whittington dies, the vice president will undoubtedly be forced to brace for a major firestorm. Agree? Don't Agree? Write me at Your comments are so very much appreciated, and I do try to read and respond to as many as possible. My only requests/hopes/pleadings: Keep them, as Mr. O says, "pithy" — BRIEF!

Stay healthy!


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