Where Is Jennifer Kesse?

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Note the pictures posted today. They are from the first part of our "road trip" on Thursday.

If you follow our show, are a regular viewer of the show, and you read Gretawire daily, you know that we began our day on Thursday expecting to fly to Orlando, do a walk and talk with our video cameras in the condo of missing Jennifer Kesse, fly back to Washington, D.C. and do our show from Washington on Thursday night. As it turned out, we did go to Orlando, did go to Jennifer's home with her parents, but did not return to Washington. Instead we were diverted to Boston late in the day because Neil Entwistle had been arrested. (As I landed in Orlando, I turned on my BlackBerry and was told to call my senior producer immediately.)

Despite the change in plans, we did do our walk in talk in Orlando and I did take many still pictures. The pics may help you better understand the Jennifer Kesse disappearance. Those pics are posted. In case you have not followed her disappearance, Jennifer is a 24-year-old woman living in Orlando. Her parents live in the Tampa area. On Monday, January 23, she drove from Fort Lauderdale area to Orlando. She had been on vacation with her boyfriend who lives in Fort Lauderdale and was returning to her home and to work.

Jennifer went directly to work on Monday, returned home to her condominium and talked to her mother and father by phone about dinnertime. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary in either phone call to either parent. Later, about 10 p.m., she had a phone conversation with her boyfriend. He lives in Fort Lauderdale. Again, nothing seemed unusual. During the call she said she was either in bed or going to bed. She has not been heard from since that call.

We know she undressed from work — the clothes she wore to work are on the chair in her bedroom. Check out the picture posted. Her bed was unmade when her parents went to her condo after they were notified she was missing. Hence we assume she got into bed, but don't know if she slept the night or not.

We think she slept the night and got up for work in the morning. There were clothes laid out on the unmade bed, which suggest that she slept, woke up and laid out clothes in the morning and was trying to decide what to wear. The shower floor was wet suggesting a recent shower. We don't know for certain if she left that night... or whether she awakened and left in the morning. It just seems more likely from what we do know that she slept the night in her apartment. She then simply vanished into thin air.

On Thursday, January 26 — two days later — her car was found about one mile to one mile and 1/2 from her condo. Pictures of where the car was found are posted. Police do not know how her car got there or even when for certain. A surveillance camera at the location of her car, also shown in the posted pictures, caught a man on tape. I am not sure but think the person was photographed about 1 p.m. on Tuesday, January 24. The surveillance tape no doubt provides the date and time reference, but I have either forgotten it or was not told. Police call this man a "person of interest" and want to talk to him. They do not know if he knows anything at all about Jennifer but would like to talk to him. We have shown the picture on our air hoping someone knows him. The picture is not completely clear or a full head shot of the man so you must look carefully.

Jennifer lives in a very nice condo complex that is not fully sold/inhabited. It was in the recent year converted from rental units to condos. Many workers are in the complex daily trying to get all the units ready. There is security on the side where you enter the complex by car but I am told there is no security on the back side. Her condo is on a second floor with an open entrance to the exterior. Pictures posted give you a better idea of the condo complex and the easy access to her condo.

I have no idea what happened to Jennifer, but from being there I know it would be easy to nab her going to her car. It would seem strange to nab someone in broad daylight since there is a high probability someone in the complex would notice you doing it or hear a scream. Did someone enter her apartment with keys and kidnap her? That seems unlikely but possible. Was someone waiting in the dark stair case/hall area as she was leaving for work? (see the pics) Did someone ask her for a ride as she got in her car and then overtake her? There are many possibilities — but no answers.

One other odd piece of information is that a dog tracked a scent from her abandoned car back to her condo complex — but apparently not to her actual condo. We don't know that the scent was hers, it could just be a dominant scent/the scent of the person who nabbed her or knows something. This piece of information would cause me to start looking at everyone — workers and tenants — who might have reason to be at her complex and RETURN to the complex. Of course one very, very, very important thing to remember: keep a very open mind. Sometimes misinterpreted clues can mislead one into rushing to judgment and the wrong judgment.

Of course her family is heartbroken. I hope we can help them find answers, or better: help them find their daughter alive and well. As time marches on, hope fades, but whoever thought Elizabeth Smart would return alive and well?

Tomorrow I will post some pictures from our trip to the Entwistle home on Thursday.

Later this week Chuck Norris will be in D.C. and will be on the show and I have a "road trip" planned for Indiana one day this week. Of course since our show is live, the rest of the week is fluid — we will follow the news.

Now for some of your e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

I don't think anything could be worse than Scott Peterson's ultimate betrayal, but one thing to me seems more cold-hearted. Entwistle had actually SEEN his son, heard his tiny heartbeat while holding him, felt the warmth and softness of his very own child. After killing his wife — and in a completely separate event — he turns the gun on his own, precious, defenseless, baby. A baby he's hugged and kissed and held, and whose face he has felt against his chest. This guy should be drawn, quartered, shot, hanged... then electrocuted! This is one of those times I wish we ALL lived in Texas.
Enjoy your show enormously,
Barry Hobbs
Cedartown, GA

E-mail No. 2

Dear Greta,
The Entwistle case reminds me of the Mark Hacking case. Remember him, the guy who killed his wife after his wife found out he wasn't really going to go to medical school and support her in line with her expectations? The Entwistle case seems just like that. He was supposed to have this promising financial future and really was broke. The wife's family was upscale and expected him to provide same lifestyle for his wife. I think they both cracked under the pressure to perform financially. Not an excuse for murder by any means, but the same circumstances in these cases.
Guy who has been there

E-mail No. 3

I may be old fashioned or even "country," but how could Neil Eintwistle's father not put his foot in his son's ass when he showed up in the U.K. and decided not to go home to the funeral of his wife and child?
Granted, you may skip the funeral of your wife but whether your guilty or not, you show up at your child's funeral. Neil's father, in my opinion, is just as low as his son. If it had been my son he would have been on the first plane back. I would have turned him over to the police with my foot in his ass but he would attend the funeral of his child.
Looks like another story of, "the higher you fly; the farther you fall." It appears that they were living above their means and it caught up with them.
Greta, keep us updated on Aruba. I'll say it again, Aruba has played the American media for fools, again.
Thanks for your great show.

E-mail No. 4

Hi Greta,
I find it a little curious that only churches in Alabama are being burned. Can't help but wonder if it is somehow related to the Holloway case. Maybe it's a far stretch but it's the first thing that entered my mind when I heard about the fires. I think it's entirely possible. Also, I just love it when you post those nasty emails from people who watch your show but feel they have to send a nasty, unwarranted email to you regarding your clothes, hair, etc. They must have such terrible, unfulfilled lives to take the time to email someone regarding their wind-blown hair when you're out in the wind! It's really pathetic. I'm sure they don't look too good themselves. Nastiness within projects outwardly for all to see. Instead of entertaining themselves insulting others, they need to take a long look in the mirror. They are obviously not too bright to advertise what nasty people they are with no character! At least we get to know in advance what people to avoid! You do a great job, always professional!
The Woodlands, TX

E-mail No. 5

What kind of America is this? I did 28 months for cashing checks because I am an addict. I lost everything I had. I am still on probation and have to pay back all the money. Fine. I should! But, a woman starves four children and all she gets is seven years? Come on Greta. I just don't get it? Not to mention all of the sex offenders running around. Where does it all end?

E-mail No. 6

I have been on the Brilliance of the Seas and there is no way that room service gets delivered at any time in 20 minutes — let alone at that time of the morning. I actually had occasion to order room service while on the Brilliance of the Seas (when it went from Miami to the Panama Canal). I was up at 3 a.m. at the computer and called from there to order room service to my room. I was told that room service could be ordered from anywhere on the ship to one's room. It took until 4.20 a.m. for the tea to be delivered! I firstly had an argument with the room service people who said that I had to call from my room and then they took the order after I got a crewmember to intercede. It should be verified whether their policy has changed or in fact what their policy is regarding the origin of a room service call — perhaps it was from the fateful room! I can also absolutely emphatically attest to the fact that it is impossible to get room service at night in under an hour on ANY Royal Caribbean ship. My friends and my family have been cruising every single Christmas and New Year for the past 10 years on Royal Caribbean and you can ask any of them or anyone familiar with Royal Caribbean — there is no room service delivery in less than an hour at night or even during the day, the room service people will tell you that upfront. Even if you say it is an emergency, there is a diabetic or anything else. So whether they have records or not is irrelevant — the basic record of the cruise line in being unable to deliver the service in under an hour puts these people of interest in a very suspicious light.
Patricia Stein
S. Palm Beach, FL

E-mail No. 7

I don't know much about this case, nor do I much care, but I will tell you this — I just returned from a 7-day cruise in the Gulf of Mexico on the Carnival Conquest. You cannot use cash. You use what is called a "Sign and Sail" card — linked to your credit card or a cash deposit. Every time you order ANYTHING — from water to a drink to room service — you have to sign a ticket with the EXACT time you ordered and received said item. People who are trying to say there is confusion over when such and such was ordered and delivered are wrong. I have a receipt that is three pages long and down to the second. Thought you should know.
Bob Conaboy
Reno, NV

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