Freedom of Speech or Insult to Injury?

The Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church, which believes God is punishing America for its tolerance of homosexuality by sending home U.S. soldiers "in body bags," chose as one of its most recent demonstration sites the funeral of Army Staff Sgt. Lance Chase, 32, father of two sons, who died from a roadside bomb while on duty in Iraq on Jan. 23. On Sunday, Westboro's adherents traveled to Yankton, South Dakota, to the memorial service for 21-year-old Army National Guard Spc. Allen D. Kokesh, Jr.

As a result of their unwelcome presence at these and other memorials, at least 14 states are considering measures to ban demonstrations outside of funeral services. Read more.

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Should protestors be banned from demonstrating outside the funeral services of U.S. soldiers?

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"Absolutely. To desecrate a funeral is the lowest form of protest." — John (Lexington, VA)

"No, they shouldn't be banned. They should be watched to make sure they are not breaking the law. I can't imagine that any Church or funeral home would allow this to happen near their premises. I find these people the farthest thing from what a Christian is. I am certain that Jesus is saddened by their deeds." — Wanda (Albany, NY)

"The Westboro Baptist Church is not a real church. Members of this organization are not Christians by a long shot. Their various websites start with 'God hates...' - They are nothing more than a pathetic hate group on the same level as the KKK and should be stopped. The government should refuse their non-tax status immediately. They and other like groups should be banned. They are not exercising the freedom of speech, but rather the speech of hatred." — Annie (Hickory, NC)

"I guess that this church must use a different Bible than I do. The God I worship is a loving, forgiving God, whom gives me the unconditional love of a Father. God does not punish those who ask for his forgiveness and repent from sin, He forgives them. I believe that the people who go to the funerals and protest will have some explaining to do when they meet God." — John

"I personally think that these so-called Christians are nut jobs, but they have every right to express their opinions and demonstrate as long as they are not infringing on the rights of others. But I hope to God that the local authorities are watching them like hawks in the event they do break the law! I would love to see these idiots arrested and try to express their beliefs in a prison cell." — Dave (Los Angeles, CA)

"If they feel they MUST 'protest,' there should be a respectful distance from the funeral and place of burial. Doing these so-called protests only adds to the pain these people are in!" — Judy (Iowa)

"I think ANYONE who protests at a funeral service is the LOWEST most DESPICABLE human being EVER! That is NOT a political platform, it is a service for the family to GRIEVE!" — Ed (Champaign, IL)

"Funerals are not a place to make political statements whether it is a U.S. Soldier or a civil rights icon. There has been a loss in a family and that should be respected. It’s unfortunate that we have to make laws to control something that should be understood as decent behavior." — Cerry (Norman, OK)

"I do believe in freedom of speech but not at the expense of the family who is already incurring such devastation while paying a final tribute to their loved one. It is also a very uncaring act to demonstrate at the military bases; the soldier's family is suffering enough with their loved one being in harm's way. I do believe that this group should be banned from funerals and in front of military bases. If they want to stand out in their yard or in a mall and express their view that is fine. But, extreme measures should be taken to keep them away from our military bases and funerals of our departed soldiers." — Connie (Tullahoms, TN)

"Absolutely they need to be banned! I live where a lot of this is going on and it's a disgrace! These families have suffered incredible losses and ARE ENTITLED TO PRIVACY. I do not feel that freedom of speech trumps rights to privacy and dignity." — Ann (Oklahoma City, OK)

"Yes, this is no place for any type of demonstration. This is to honor a fallen person and that is all it should be - to honor his memory and service." — Judy (Currituck, NC)