Changing Times — Dems on the Rise?

The most recent FOX News poll shows that voters see Democrats as better at handling an array of key issues and gaining public trust on some areas traditionally considered Republican strengths. In addition, more voters think it would be better for the country if Democrats win control of Congress in this year’s election. Read more.

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"The fact of the matter is that the Democrats are on the rise because the Republican Party is out of control. Consider these items: the Jack Abramoff bribery; the Terri Schiavo interference; the incompetence in Iraq; Tom Delay; Duke Cunningham; Karl Rove and Scooter Libby playing games with CIA agents; FEMA and the lack of readiness by our government for the next terrorist attack…just to name a few. They had a full four years to prepare. They failed. So you know what I say? NEXT!" — Lenny

"Given the constant barrage of Bush Bashing in the press, it is no wonder the polls reflect a strengthening of Democratic popularity. However, once it is revealed that the Dems have no coherent plan for anything, with the noted exception for their tendency to tax and spend, Americans will ultimately vote for the strongest party with the strength and moral courage to lead. During my lifetime, we have had two Democratic presidents – Carter and Clinton. God help us if we have another. The economy is booming due to tax cuts. We are slowly winning the war on terror. If you wish to live in fear and pay exorbitant tax rates to provide handouts to the folks that refuse to help themselves, then vote Democrat." — Michael (Jacksonville, FL)

"With the news today of the Bush administration misleading the public with regards to when it knew the levees broke after Katrina, I can see why people want a new brand of leadership. With all the current administration's missteps, it is no surprise. I just hope the Dems can make the most of it and do something about it." — Tara (New York, NY)

"With the Democrats I know I'll be voting for corruption. With Republicans I know I'll be voting for less. However, now that I know the depths of the so-called ‘Christian Right’ belief system and the depths of their moral and ethical corruption, I think it's time for balanced corruption again. I'll be voting for it!" — Bill (Virginia)

“No way will the Democrats control the government in the same way as they had. Times have changed and so has voters. These are dangerous times and we are at war. We need a decisive and unwavering leadership. The Dems cannot produce that.” — Janet (Charlotte, NC)

"Democrats are on the rise, I know it because even I'm thinking about voting Democrat in the midterm elections. I'm a fiscally conservative, moderate Republican and have been so for more than a decade, but the influence the so-called Religious Right is exerting over the Republican Party is simply getting frightening. Just look at how Bill Frist and Tom Delay jumped at the chance to exploit Terri Schiavo to rally their own bases. Look at the non-stop deficit spending and the government invading peoples' personal lives. The party of Ronald Reagan is dead. This is the party of Bush, and I don't want any part of it as it stands." — Thomas

“I’m a Republican. I fear that Bush has harmed our party far more than he has helped it. We had a chance to reach out to so many other moderate Americans. The Dems had lost focus and gone off target with their message. The neocons have had far too much influence. Bush is no Republican. He is out for himself and his pals. His administration has been far too reckless and only posed as Republican. We must get our party back away from these extremists and take hold of our government before Hillary and her ilk get back in. I really hope Giuliani or McCain run for president in 2008.” — Sammy (Chicago, IL)

"What solid, detailed plans have the Dems brought to the table? Not talking about ideas which sounds great, but detailed plans that actually work. They have not had time to work out any kind of a detailed plan. They have been too busy focusing and working on how to put holes in anything that the administration comes up with. Democrats have a tendency to weigh how their voters would react before they reach a decision. That does not show leadership but dependency. It is great to hear of the things our country has to do and should be focusing on, but what's the plan to get us there?" — Ed (Central Point, OR)

"Ten years ago the public turned on the Dems to give the GOP a chance. We believed the 'contract with America.' Now it’s just more of the same and has gotten even worse. Total corruption, record deficits, the rich get richer, corporate greed, the government infringing on our constitutional rights, government secrecy, lies and cover-ups. What's the public to do? Seems GOP now stands for 'Greedy Oil Party.' They have become the party of corporate conservatives." — Tom (Woodland Hills, CA)

"If the Dems are on the rise, this country is really in trouble. There's no way liberal Dems can represent the mainstream, and certainly not the independent voter (which I think is really on the rise)." — Mil (Quincy, MA)

“Learning today that Bush lied about when he knew about the levees breaking in the wake of Katrina just breaks my heart. So many died needlessly. And to this date, so many have been hung out to dry. He didn’t care about the victims then, and he doesn’t know. Just on that alone I think that country has wised up, like me, as to how wrong the directions the Republicans have taken us in is.” — Elaine (Mobile, AL)