White House Sends Congress Details of Program Cuts

The White House Thursday sent lawmakers details of the 141 programs that President Bush wants to eliminate or significantly cut to save taxpayers almost $15 billion.

Bush wants to build upon the success he had last year in killing 89 programs costing $6.5 billion, but most of this year's proposals made the grade with lawmakers last year and likely will again. Of 91 programs slated to get killed altogether, to save $7.3 billion, only 16 are new proposals.

The programs slated for elimination are congressional favorites funded through annual appropriations bills. Programs on the chopping block include $3.5 billion from the Department of Education, including grants for safe and drug free schools, vocational education grants and arcane programs such as the "Exchanges With Historic Whaling and Trading Partners" program.

Another 50 programs are slated for large cuts but not outright elimination, for savings of $7.4 billion. They include cuts of $394 million from Amtrak subsidies, $694 million from Department of Homeland Security grants and training programs and an almost 25 percent cut from construction funding for Indian Schools.

The White House said the programs on its ambitious list are those "not getting results or not fulfilling essential priorities."