Timeline: Entwistle Case

Key events in the deaths of Rachel Entwistle and her 9-month-old daughter, Lillian:

1999: Neil Entwistle meets Rachel Souza at Britain's University of York, where she was spending the year abroad.

2003: Entwistle and Souza marry.

April 2005: Baby Lillian is born.

January 2006: Entwistles move into their rented colonial-style home in Hopkinton, a suburb of Boston.

Jan. 20: Neil Entwistle allegedly shoots Rachel and Lillian in their Hopkinton home.

Jan. 21: Neil Entwistle leaves U.S. for England.

Jan. 22: Rachel Entwistle and 9-month-old daughter found shot to death in a bed in their home.

Jan. 25: Massachusetts detectives fly to England to investigate the fatal shooting.

Feb. 1: Funeral is attended by 500 mourners. Neil Entwistle is not among them. Mother and baby are buried in same casket.

Feb. 9: Entwistle is arrested by British authorities in connection with their deaths.