This Super Bowl Party Is the Bomb

Thanks, guys, that party was a gas!

A Colorado couple planning their own pyrotechnic Super Bowl celebration accidentally blew up their car Sunday while transporting a balloon filled with explosive gas, according to local KUSA-TV 9 News.

Several witnesses called the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office around 11:45 a.m., saying there had been some kind of a blast or a car accident behind a gas station.

Responding to the reports, a deputy found a car with its doors bent out, roof pushed up a foot higher than normal and windows blown out, the sheriff's office said.

"Looking at the car closely, it's amazing that these people weren't killed," Sheriff Grayson Robinson told The Associated Press.

Officers found Norman Frey, 46, and a female companion with shrapnel wounds and busted eardrums at a Sheridan residence that came up after tracing the car's license plate.

A balloon filled with acetylene, a dangerously flammable gas used in welding, blew up in the car's backseat, the two told Sheridan cops.

The bowl bomb exploded when it rolled across the seats, possibly from static electricity, they said. The two had pumped the balloon with gas in hopes of blowing it up at a party for Super Bowl XL.

Frey and the woman told police a passing driver gave them a ride back to their house after the boneheaded balloon blast.

Frey faces a felony charge of possession, use or removal of explosives or incendiary devices and the woman won't be charged, cops said.

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This Old-Timer's a Regular Ace!

Jack Smith, 81, recently had the second hole-in-one of his life in 18 years while golfing at Ratliff Ranch Golf Links in Odessa, Texas, according to the Odessa American.

And the elderly ace only started playing the game seriously at the age of 63!

Alongside the time-honored round of drinks after his first dream shot, Golf Digest also helped Smith recognize the occasion.

"I have a certificate hanging on the wall about the shot," he told the Odessa American — and it seems to be time to make room yet for another.

On the course's fourth hole, a par 3 playing 92 yards, Smith doubled what most golfers are ecstatic to achieve in a lifetime.

"It was pretty incredible when the ball went in the hole," Smith said. "My heart started racing a little bit."

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Open the Sunroof, Man, It's Raining Weed!

WAXAHACHIE, Texas (AP) — Wildflowers may not be the only thing sprouting up along a 15-mile stretch of Interstate 35 in Ellis County this spring.

Seeds of an illegal plant were inadvertently sown after a police officer stopped a car with no license plate light early Friday morning and smelled a strong odor of marijuana. When the officer returned to his car and called for backup, the driver drove away, Milford Police Chief Carlos Phoenix said.

As several law enforcement agencies joined the chase, the fleeing driver tore open and threw 17 to 19 bags out of his window.

"There was marijuana flying everywhere," Phoenix told the Waxahachie Daily Light.

After driving over a second set of spikes set out by authorities, the suspect finally stopped and was taken into custody, and he was "literally covered in marijuana," Phoenix said.

Officers picked up two duffel bags, a backpack and three or four gallon-size freezer bags from the interstate, but the wind blew much of the substance and seeds, Phoenix said.

Also, some people with police scanners heard that a man was throwing marijuana out of his car window and drove to the scene to try to retrieve it, Phoenix said.

It's Popeye's 'Special' Stash

SASABE, Ariz. (AP) — It's green, leafy and in a can. But it's not spinach.

Federal authorities seized 34 pounds of marijuana that had been stuffed inside cans of jalapenos and tomatoes bound for America from Mexico.

Customs and Border Protection officers said they decided to open one of the cans because it looked and felt unusual. They found a package of marijuana inside and began to open the other cans.

"For a while, that can is going to take the cake," said Brian Levin, an agency spokesman. "This was one of the more elaborate attempts — it required creativity."

The 18-year-old driver of the haul was arrested.

Smugglers have come up with many tricks to hide their drugs over the years, Levin said. Officers have found marijuana mixed in with cucumbers, drugs hidden in baby diapers and hidden in car tires, gas tanks or inside dashboards.

Hey Dude, Don't You Know You're in the No Toking Section?

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) — If you can't beat 'em ... joint 'em? The City of Amsterdam has begun selling recently introduced "no toking" signs to prevent the official ones from being stolen as collector's items, a spokesman said Friday.

The signs were created as part of an experimental ban on smoking marijuana on the street in "De Baarsjes," one of the city's poorer neighborhoods. The measure, which went into effect Feb. 1, was intended to reduce loitering and petty crime.

"On Wednesday we placed the first sign, and it was gone the next morning," said Wim de Graaf. "We put up a new one Thursday, and it was taken the same night as well. That's when the idea came to us to just sell them."

The signs show two fingers holding a cone-shaped cigarette, with small white marijuana leaves on a black background — all enclosed within a red circle.

The city is selling them for about $110 each, and plans to donate the proceeds to charity.

"We're selling them at not much more than they cost, so we expect profits will be modest," De Graaf said. But he added that the city has already had many requests for the signs, some from outside the city.

Marijuana is technically illegal in the Netherlands, but police don't bother prosecuting possession of small amounts. It is openly sold in designated cafes known euphemistically as "coffee shops." But people who smoke marijuana outside in De Baarsjes risk a $60 fine.

De Graaf said the signs can be ordered via De Baarsje's Web site.

"Now everyone can have his own 'no toking' sign simply by ordering them through the city," the site says in a tongue-in-cheek advertisement.

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Sometimes, It Takes a Village

HARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) — A human chain of villagers pulled a hunter from the jaws of a man-eating crocodile in northeastern Zimbabwe, state media reported Monday.

Letikuku Sidumbu, 32, was attacked by the crocodile while trying to cross the swollen Mubvinzi river in the Goromonzi district, about 25 miles east of Harare, during an early morning hunting expedition with his uncle.

As the crocodile clenched it jaws on his right arm, a human chain of villagers tugged him from its grip in a struggle that also left him with a broken leg and chest and stomach injuries, Sidumbu told the state Herald newspaper from his hospital bed in Harare.

Crocodiles are the most dangerous animal to man in Zimbabwe. In recorded cases last year, they dragged away and ate 13 people — including children — according to the Communal Areas Management Program, a conservation group.

"I called out to my uncle to hit the crocodile with an ax," The Herald quoted Sidumbu saying.

But, he said, commotion by the two men's hunting dogs enraged the crocodile. He heard the voices of fellow villagers arriving from nearby Chitana Mafengu to help.

Before rescuers dragged him free, "one thing was clear that they wanted to salvage at least a piece of my flesh for burial should the crocodile get the better of them," Sidumbu said.

The Communal Areas conservation group, in its annual report for 2005, said wild animals killed at least 27 people last year in cases reported across Zimbabwe, but scores of other attacks in remote areas would not have been recorded.

Elephants, hippopotamuses and buffaloes accounted for most other attacks.

The Herald did not say when the hunter was attacked.

Sidumbu said he knew the river was crocodile infested but "I had safely crossed it many times before, especially at dawn."

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I Bet Kanga Never Had These Problems!

MOORPARK, Calif. (AP) — Feznick, an aspiring celebrity kangaroo, underwent lip surgery because he was bitten by a wolf at a Hollywood animal farm.

The 75-pound kangaroo underwent plastic surgery on Sunday and veterinarians say the marsupial will soon be ready to resume his acting career.

Feznick is an aspiring actor who often appears at corporate events and was on the red carpet for the opening of last year's movie flop "Kangaroo Jack," his owner Eadie McMullan said.

Last year, Feznick stuck his snout under a fence at a Kern County farm for Hollywood animals and was bitten by a wolf, leaving the 4-year-old kangaroo with a toothy, Billy Idol-style sneer, veterinarian Scott Amsel said.

Surgery on Sunday turned Feznick's muzzle back into a fuzzy, made-for-TV, face.

Westlake Village plastic surgeon Dr. Theodore Corwin performed the two-hour lip surgery, the first time he's ever worked on an animal. He didn't charge for Feznick's lip repair.

"It looks like people surgery in a way," said surgical nurse Jeanine Rich, "except the patient is a little hairier."

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