Lesbian Lip Lock

I’m confused. Help me here:

Former President Jimmy Carter uses Coretta Scott King's funeral as a platform to suggest that the response to Hurricane Katrina was based on the color of people's skin. Isn't the majority of the New Orleans police department the same color as the people the former president was referring to? Isn't the mayor of New Orleans the color of the people the former president was referring to? So, if the response is based on skin color... what is he talking about? If he's claiming the federal response was late, then what was the local response?

I'm also bewildered by another bit of news. Britney Spears claims she "instinctively wanted to protect" her baby from the frightening paparazzi, so she jumped in her car, put the baby in her lap, had her bodyguard sit in the passenger seat (in direct line of the air bag) and drove off onto the highway. So, if I understand her reasoning, a photograph being taken of her baby is more dangerous than driving down the highway with the 4-month-old in her lap. Okaaaay.

Finally, I'm not confused... I'm mad. Last night the 2 and 3-year-olds were watching Noggin — you know, the channel with "Blue's Clues" and "Little Bear." At 6 p.m. I walked into the family room with three more of the kids (ages 9, 12 and 14) as "Little Bear" ended. Moments later when I looked back at the screen there were two young teenage girls in a full lip lock making out in an advertisement for "Degrassi," which is a popular show for young teenagers to watch.

What happens is the Noggin Network renames itself "The N" during dinnertime and changes to "teen programming." I saw no warning that my kids were about to watch a lesbian scene. I doubt other parents are aware this is popping up unannounced on a channel we feel is safe for our young children to view.

Now, The N can show whatever it feels is "teen programming," but I felt it was absolutely wrong to pop up an ad featuring a lesbian scene during dinnertime and just as young children's programming was ending. By the way, your V chip won’t catch anything distasteful in an ad…so it wouldn't have blocked it. Just thought you should be aware.

E.D. Hill

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