Certified Iraq Elections Results Expected in Two Days

Final certified results for Iraq's Dec. 15 elections will be announced in two days, the nation's election commission chief said Wednesday.

Adil al-Lami said a judicial commission investigating complaints about the polling for some seats had completed its work, allowing the final certified results to be announced Friday.

"There were many complaints that were given to this panel, which has finished all its work and we are ready now to announce all the results and names of the candidates who won seats for the next parliament," al-Lami told AP Television News.

Al-Lami did not elaborate, but Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq official Hussein Hendawi told the al-Sabah newspaper there were at least 10 complaints concerning several issues, including the distribution of compensatory seats and calls to annul the results taken from some polling stations.

Non-certified final results released last month saw 128 of parliament's 275 seats go to the United Iraqi Alliance, the country's dominant Shiite coalition.

Two Sunni Arab blocs took a total of 55 seats, while 53 went to the Kurdish Coalition comprising parties led by President Jalal Talabani and Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani.

Once final certification occurs, Talabani must convene the new assembly within two weeks. Under the law, parliament then has 30 days to elect a new national president.

The new president has 15 days to name a new prime minister from the ranks of the Shiite religious parties. The prime minister-designate then has 30 days to present his Cabinet to parliament for approval by majority vote.

If the Iraqis take the maximum time allowed for each step, it would be May before a government is in place. Vice President Adil Abdul-Mahdi, a Shiite widely mentioned as possible prime minister, has said he expected to finish the talks by mid-March.