Bush's Budget Plan

President Bush, constrained by wars, hurricanes and exploding budget deficits, has sent Congress a 2007 spending plan that is garnering howls of pain from farmers, teachers, doctors and a wide array of other groups with special interests.

Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., called Bush's proposed cuts in education and health "scandalous," while Sen. Olympia Snowe, R-ME, said she was "disappointed and even surprised" at the extent of the administration's proposed cuts in Medicaid and Medicare. Read more.

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"Bush’s idea of eliminating vocational funding is way off base. This has been tried before, but who will train the people who do not go on to post secondary schooling?" — Doug

"We have to stop expecting the Federal (or any) government to fix all our problems. Cutting back on programs is hard, but necessary. The tax burden is too high, and will get MUCH higher unless we lower our expectations of governmental help." — Dan

"I can't bear it any longer. Bush has destroyed everything we have worked for to make living better. I will no longer call myself a Republican if this is what Republicans do. Both rich and poor did much better under Clinton. Well be careful what you ask for, you might get it like we did with Bush. From the greatest surplus to the greatest deficit — what were we thinking? Yes, I too am to blame I voted for this president. Pray for me and our nation." — Mel

"The budget cuts President Bush proposes are right on. Too many times have social issues that are nonstarters become the focal point of where governmental monies are spent. We are at war. We need to pay attention to that. It is time for the people complaining to understand that as Americans they are also allowed and encouraged to do for themselves what the Federal government should not have to do for them. That is what makes this nation great. It's not what America does for you it's what you do for yourself." — S.M. (Kailua, HI)

"I think Bush is looking out for his rich buddies and thinks the heck with the rest of us. 2008 can't come soon enough for me. God help us until then." — Janet (West Virginia)

"No, his budget is not a good one. When you take away from United States legal citizens and give to everyone else our money, something is wrong with this picture. Stop the Pork Barrel and stop funding countries that are not 100% behind us. Time for each bill to stand alone and not combined. One way to start paying back the United States and help our own people in this country is to start pumping from IRAQ. Kick all the illegals back to there own country and protect our borders and our tax dollars. Time to stop paying for them and giving the terrorist an in. This is the taxpayers’ money not the government. Time to give it back to us! I am fed up!" — Rebecca (Crestview, FL)

"I do not think the president or congress should cut domestic spending as much as proposed. Instead we should cut foreign aid and the rebuilding of other countries. We should take care of our veterans and aging population." — John (Iowa)

"Has there ever been a budget from a two-term president that was not declared DOA? This is a damned-if-you-do-and-damned-if-you-don't situation. The thing that is surprising is that the critics having nothing to offer but whine about their favorite boondoggles and programs that have been artificially inflated for years. It's time to tell those fat cats, we are mad as heck and that they had better pay attention to us. They need to stop spending money that's not their's to spend." — Donald

"Look, if other portions of the total Bush plan, such as health savings accounts and social security reform, had been passed then the total some of these cuts would be less 'scandalous.' Medicare would be better served if the majority of the public were responsible for provide their own health care." — Janet (Orlando, FL)

"Bush will more than likely have to scale this back. His numbers are low and his administration (and party, for that matter) is taking a hit with public opinion. Heck, even the Republican Arlen Specter is against Bush's budget plans." — Scott (Chicago, IL)

"I am behind Bush 100%! I mean, how else would one propose reducing the awe-inspiring spending and debt in D.C.? Raising taxes? Seriously, in a time of full employment, record revenues, arguably the result of tax CUTS, you actually have people in this country who would suggest RAISING them?" — Brenda (Wilmington, NC)

"The agenda of President Bush and the public's willingness to go along with it is simply astounding. How much more do those that 'have' need? Mr. President's proposed budget cuts to healthcare, education and agriculture would deliver horrible blows to already weakened areas of our economy and social structure. In the meantime, there is a continuing push to make tax cuts for the wealthy permanent and increase defense spending. All of this just happens to put more money in the hands of the president and those like him. This administration is well on its way to accomplishing its objective: creating a greater divide between the modern day aristocracy and the working class. It would be nice if all the politicians, both Democrats and Republicans, would get together and actually represent the FULL range of those that elect them to office; not to mention, consider the common good our nation and its future." — Troy (Columbia, MO)

"I'm not a big fan of the president's proposed budget cuts, but these are tough times. Tough times require tough measures." — Bob (Camden, ME)

“I’ve got a good idea for a budget cut: cut Bush!” — Katie (Los Angeles, CA)

"Bush is insane! It is a sad day to see this man want to basically destroy the American way of life. You know, once upon a time in America our parents stressed that if we work hard to build a better life we could have a better life. I used to believe that, you know the 'American Dream.' It sickens me to think that I won't be able to even give that hope to my children." — Kip (Salt Lake City, UT)

"Let it not be forgotten that the proposed cuts are in bloated and/or under-productive programs. We pay people to plant nothing on their land, why not let the market purchase, lets say, corn, for the soon to be booming ethanol industry." — Michael

"Bush is just continuing his efforts to make the rich richer with no regard for the American way of life. He could care less about the working class, the middle class or the poor. He has spent far too much (in money and American lives) on his misguided war in Iraq. He has done zero to make our homeland any more secure. He has only made things worse here at home. The deficit is insane. Specter is more than accurate to call the president's proposed plan as scandalous." — Warren (Seattle, WA)