Super Welcome

This is my ninth Super Bowl, but my first winter-weather venue and let me tell you the people of Michigan have more then made up for the wind, snow and rain. The host committe and the host city has just been so fan and media friendly that I think the NFL's commissioner has to bring the big game back to Detroit.

As for the game, the biggest thing I learned since arriving Thursday is how few Seattle fans have shown up and how Steelers fans live for their football team. This will be an away game for Seattle and I hope they are prepared for it.

Look at this list of people we have spoken to already: Ed "Too Tall" Jones, Emmitt Smith, Mike Ditka, Joe Montana, Steve Smith, Tim Hasselbeck, Ickey Woods, Billy "White Shoes" Johnson… and the game has yet to start! My highlight was getting Joe Montana to demo his cool under pressre my playing the game Operation on live TV and — as perdicted – he pulled out three organs without hitting a rim. Here's some insider information: He also had a 103 degree fever and no coat of his own.

Just about everyone complained about out outdoor locaction, but I loved it. Nice wind, no humidity and great sights and sounds. For example, we untilized our wireless camera by walking into a summer tent which featured pros signing, volleyball players competing and real surfers surfing in the wave pool. Motorola had a great way of bringing a little of Hawaii to the Motor City.

As for the game, Seattle is a lot better than most acknowledge and word is they are getting ticked about the perceived lack of respect. Mike Ditka told us off camera that the war of words between Joey Porter and Jeremy Stevens is flat out dumb, but added he would pay to line up against Porter on Sunday. When Porter said he has never been afraid of a tight end, well this got Mike's attention.

On the political front, Senators George Allen and Carl Levin joined us in the driving rain. Both guys sucked it up provided great inisght to the game, the city and history without a shiver and negative word. For George Allen, he spent a lifetime on the field hanging out with great players and great men like Billy Kilmer and Ronald Reagan respectively.

Saturday night, I will venture out to three big parties with a camera in tow. The parties are Maxim Magazine, Playboy and Sports Illustrated — and I promise to juice your Sunday with your own insider pass. Amongst our guests Sunday are Jerry Kramer from the Lombardi-led Packers, all-pro John Lynch from the Broncos and Mike Utley, who was paralyzed playing for the Lions, and much, much more.

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