Super Bowl XL

Congrats Detroit! You did everything possible to make this Super Bowl special and I hope that "XL" will be remembered. I love the fact that a city in need got a revenue injection and lets hope it becomes a lasting change.

As for the game, it wasn't the Patriot-Ram classic, but it did feature two teams who are more than capable of being champions. In the end, I believe it was the crowd and confidence that allowed the Steelers to claim their first title in 26 years. I do not remember a team more relaxed and reflective than these Steelers. Along with John Elway in '99, I do not remember any player more loved and respected then Jerome Bettis. Jerome has been on our show twice and wowed our staff with his sincerity and kindness and it transferred to the world's biggest stage. He actually came out 90 minutes before the game in full suit and mobster style hat, to pose for pictures.

It was a real challenge dealing with the weather from a TV standpoint, but the game itself was not impacted in any way. A personal highlight for me: Seeing all those MVPs before the game. Let me tell you, Lynn Swann would be a governor already if they used an applause meter instead a voting booth. As for the pre-game, I think it was unorganized where halftime was just the opposite.

Side note: You could see a real difference in how the post-game was handled with FOX as opposed to ABC. Some cop wannabes were checking badges to make sure you're an ESPN guy and talking to you like a convicted shoplifter when you weren't. FOX Sports just tends to treat all outlets with more respect!

To all of you I crossed paths with this weekend and who went out their way to say how much you like "FOX & Friends," I truly appreciate it. All of you helped make us No. 1 and we hope we never let you down. Special thanks to all our guests for braving some brisk conditions and everyone in the New York and Chicago bureaus who helped us out. Joe Kraus, Ron Messer, John MacKay and Jennifer Williams were outstanding, but I just get the idea they are looking forward to balmy Miami in '07. I wonder if we'll see Dennis Rodman again.

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