Political Cartoon Controversy

FOX Fans are writing in about a recent political cartoon by The Washington Post's Tom Toles that has stirred up controversy, and an official protest from the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and each of its five members.

The Tom Toles cartoon in question shows Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld posing as a doctor asking a hospitalized soldier who has lost his arms and legs, "I'm listing your condition as 'battle hardened.' "

Read the Washington Post article here. View the cartoon here.

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Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

"I am a Vietnam-era vet who expects no more from the Left than the ridicule of those who defend us. My Dad, a member of “the greatest generation,” was a WWII vet who was captured in the Battle of the Bulge and spent several months as a POW. That was an Army stretched thin. My Dad lost half his weight as a POW; but he survived. We lost nearly a quarter of a million soldiers in that war, but freedom survived. This generation is redefining cowardice as compassion. It is demanding that we send no one to war unless we can equip them with sufficient body armor and Humvee armor that no one gets hurt. We simply haven’t learned the lessons of appeasement and inaction." — Dan (Selah, WA)

"I believe the news media has the right to express themselves to a point, but this cartoon of a soldier who lost his arms is way over the top of good taste and is offensive to all of our men and women who serve in the military. They are to be honored for their service and especially so if they have been wounded in battle. I think the cartoonist should be sanctioned for this and not be allowed to produce further cartoons of this type." — Larry (Salem, OR)

"I think the cartoon is great. The members and families of the armed forces are making the sacrifices, and the administration is failing to support them. Remember, this is the 'you go to war with the Army you've got' Rumsfeld. The cartoon recognizes the sacrifices of the men and women losing their lives and limbs, and the lip service the chickenhawk administration pays to that sacrifice." — Jim

"To me the picture is bad, but holds truth. I believe cartoons like these should not be published out of respect for soldiers who have the guts to join and defend my freedom. " — John (TX)

"I will defend his right to write, print, or draw anything he wants, but I will not buy the papers that prints it. Nor will I purchase products that advertise in these papers. God Bless America and our freedoms." — Leonard

"I find it amusing that anyone is surprised by anything that is printed, viewed, or heard in American mass media. The American media machine is not obligated to be compassionate, sensitive, or kind. It operates without a conscience, because it exists to broadcast information and make money. If one is expecting compassion, sensitivity, or kindness, then read a novel." — Lyndon

"Yes, Toles' cartoon is an expression of free speech, and we can be tolerant of 'sick' but clever minds. I've noticed wisdom is not usually a characteristic of political cartoonists." — Jerry (Wenatchee, WA)

"As a citizen, a parent and child of courageous veterans, I am insulted by the way an awful reality of war was depicted. Wounded soldiers are to be respected, revered and honored for their sacrifices for our country, not used for cheap political commentary." — Kris

"It's freedom of speech. You don't like it, don't buy it or look at it. Focus your frustration into something positive for the wounded warriors. And yeah, it would be nice for Rummy to have a plan to get out of Iraq and stop stretching our brave men and women too thin." — Tammy (Knoxville, TN)

"I don't think lampooning Rummy goes to far, but I do believe that this is done in poor taste." —Gil

"I believe that the cartoon is right on the money. Rumsfeld, who has never served in the active duty military, has no idea what the troops are actually experiencing. He, like so many other 'Chicken Hawks' are willing to send the children and grand children of other Americans into battle provided that they don't have to make any sacrifice on their own part." —Dale (Franklin, OH)

"Tom Toles' cartoon is tasteless, disrespectful, and totally lacking in sensitivity. We have room in America for free speech but we don't tolerate idiots." —Mark (Orrington, ME)

"The cartoon just the 'truth-bone' of the Bush supporters and that's why they are so are upset. They know that Rummy and his gang could care less about the troops and are only interested in furthering the war and military-industrial complex." —Hank (Geuda Springs, KS)

"As a retired military member and decent person I find it distasteful. Seems like there are better ways to make your point but how fortunate that we live in a free county where we can have our opinions and a frank and open discussion. These proud military members make sure that we keep this freedom and are helping to provide those less fortunate the opportunity to experience it for themselves!" — Ray

"The cartoon is not offensive. Donald Rumsfeld is offensive." — Joe (Old Hickory, TN)

"I viewed the Donald Rumsfeld cartoon and find it quite repulsive. They obviously have no tact or consideration for the valor, sacrifice and efforts of our fine men and women in the military. They also clearly have zero consideration for the families of our troops that have given their children to our country so that we can spread the benefits our country offers to others." — Steven

"I thought it was sadly right to the point. The Bush administration has done nothing but put our men and women in harms way for no good reason. And to top it off, they are stretching the army thin. It is too much." — Linda (New York, NY)

"Look, I am no fan of Bush and especially not of Rumsfeld but this is a bit much. I am serving in Iraq and have known brave men who lost their lives and their limbs serving their country. This cartoonist and the Washington Post have every right to do what they want, and I have every right not to buy it. I think sensible people will see it and choose another paper next time." — Jake (Iraq)

"Tom Toles is great. If you can't see the point he was trying to make, then you are seriously brainwashed." — Peter (Boston, MA)

"It goes too far in a number of ways, but this whole theory that the Army is stretched too thin is a joke. There are over a million members of the U.S. military and 100K plus of them are in Iraq. That leaves plenty of soldiers for Iran, Syria, N. Korea, and China. Now if Canada decides to attack, we might have problems." — Michael

"I am a the spouse of a military officer. I did not find the cartoon offensive in the least. Secretary Rumsfeld took great pains to rebut the Pentagon commissioned study, obviously not all of us agree with him." — Sue

"Have we really descended to the point where we even have to ask, 'Is this offensive?' " Brooks

"You would think that someone with that much supposed talent would not have to resort to this type of demeaning characterization. Apparently they have not had this misfortunate situation happen to someone they know." — Mike

"It's simply free speech on paper and can be summed up with the fact if you don't like it don't read it." — Michael

"The cartoon is really tacky. It is extremely callous towards our soldiers and the military." — J. (Grover Beach, CA)