Broker Tries to Sell Hilton Diaries, Photos

Paris Hilton's diaries, along with photos of her in various stages of undress, are among a trove of the celebutante's personal affects that have found their way into the hands of a broker aiming to sell them.

David Hans Schmidt, known for handling deals involving celebrity porn, is trying to auction off the Hilton belongings, which had been locked away in a Los Angeles-area storage locker until a few months ago.

The pricetag? $20 million.

Schmidt told the Los Angeles Times the items include 18 diaries in which Hilton recounts past sexual dalliances, celebrity encounters and other adventures. Also included are photographs of Hilton at "wild parties" on yachts and in private homes, as well as her computers, clothing, videos and furniture.

Hilton's publicist, Elliot Mintz, has said the belongings were "illegally seized" from the storage facility, but would not comment on Schmidt's description of the items because he has not seen them.

Mintz said the belongings were left at the storage facility during a 2004 move. The items were sold to an unidentified buyer after a "bureaucratic foul-up" resulted in payments not being credited to the heiress' account.

Hilton was "incredibly upset and angry" and felt "victimized," Mintz said, adding her lawyers are threatening legal action against anyone in possession of the items.

Of the videos, Mintz told The Associated Press he was certain there are "personal moments" on the tapes, but added "we're not talking at all along the lines of the infamous videotape."

In late 2003, a sex tape made with then-boyfriend Rick Salomon surfaced just before the start of Hilton's reality TV series, "The Simple Life."

Schmidt declined to describe the diaries' contents, but said they include "everything that would be dear to a woman's heart -- relationships, personal feelings, sex, love, breakups, sexual experiences -- all those little things that make up a little girl's life. Her deepest, darkest secrets."