Big Story Primetime: January 28 & 29

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Saturday, Jan. 28

Investigating the War on Terror. When can we expect our troops to come home? Will we ever be able to achieve peace in the war-torn region? “War Stories” host Col. Oliver North reveals what’s really going on in Iraq.

Then, it was a sight Americans will never forget. As the nation remembers the 20th anniversary of the loss of Space Shuttle Challenger and her crew, we’ll talk to the father of Judy Resnick, one of the astronauts who died in the disaster.

Sunday, January 29

With less than a week until House Republicans pick a successor to Rep. Tom DeLay of Texas, support for Rep. John Shadegg continues to gain momentum. We’ll talk to the Arizona congressman about his majority leader bid when he joins “Big Story Primetime.”

And, did you know there is a good chance your child is being sexually harassed at college? We’ll tell you about a new study that shows sexual favors for better grades is on the rise. And, get this, 62% surveyed say they have been affected! We’ll talk to the author of this revealing survey and get an insiders’ view from a student who’s experienced this shocking scenario on campus.

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