Skip the Super Bowl — Watch the Ads Online

Super Bowl party so much fun you've missed some of those vaunted TV commercials? No worries: Just go online.

Yahoo Inc. will feature on its video home page, at, links to this year's Super Bowl ads, hosted at MTV Networks'

There will be a delay from when the ads air, but the first of the ads should start appearing before the game ends, said Ethan Fassett, Yahoo's product manager for video search.

"We already know that a large chunk of users watching the Super Bowl are interested in watching the ads themselves," Fassett said.

Ifilm is making the ads available at, where ads from last year's game are currently kept.

Although Ifilm has never acquired rights from advertisers since it began carrying Super Bowl ads in 2002, no one has ever complained, said Roger Jackson, Ifilm's vice president for content and programming.

"The reality is they love the notion that their ads get recycled for no additional charge," he said.

For the first time, Ifilm also will make code available for users of MySpace and other sites to incorporate ads they like into their personal pages.

If you're looking only for the Budweiser ads from Anheuser-Busch Cos. Inc., Maven Networks Inc. has developed an application that'll automatically retrieve new ads during the fourth quarter. There will even be a button to transfer the video to Apple Computer Inc.'s iPods.