Motor City, Here I Come!

Well, I'm heading off to Detroit to see if this Super Bowl is really a home game for the Steelers.

For me and my FOX News colleagues Joe Kraus and Ron Messer, this Super Bowl will always standout because we will be outdoors and on-air for the first time in a cold weather "Super" city. What I love about the NFL going to Detroit, is that Detroit needs an event that makes a massive positive economic impact and this game has done just that for the city. At the very least, the Super Bowl supplied the funding for a facelift. Lets hope it al comes off without a hitch, because I think this match up will really shine.

Friday we have lined up a great show to help Steve and E.D. back in New York in the studio. Amongst our guests: Pat Summerall, James Brown, Emmitt Smith, Billy "White Shoes" Johnson. Plus, we'll show you some sights and sounds from our Thursday night "on the town." We also want you to know we have commitments through the weekend from Mike Ditka, Mike Utley, John Lynch and Joe Montana just to name a few.

My one concern this year — as compared to other years — are the restrictions NFL Films is putting on video usage. Sorry to say we wont being seeing Emmitt or Ditka video while they talk because the fines are too steep. I just don't understand this logic because it's the same faulty logic NBC employs when it comes to the Olympics. As you know unless you are watching that network you are forced to use still frames to recreate great moments in Olympic history. Well, that's just does not fly in the days of the MTV slam-bam-boom generation. Therefore many networks back off the news and information and thus the athlete and the viewer are in a lose-lose situation.

I hope to write each day on my trip and e-mail for any "Super" insight or input or any questions for an upcoming guest.

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