Grrr! The Over-Under Effect

Some things are just better done in private.

Sitting on a commuter train this morning, my seatmate was a woman who decided the ride in to work would be a good time to do her makeup. Now, I can understand powdering one's nose in public, but this woman spent a good 45 minutes applying all kinds of makeup. She was going at her face with brushes, pencils, lipsticks and powder with such vigor she took several breaks just to rest.

Ladies, that's annoying.

The Over-Under Effect

Underappreciated: George Clooney's talent (excellent storyteller and actor).
Overappreciated: George Clooney's opinion (takes himself way too seriously).

Underappreciated: Led Zeppelin (way ahead of their time).
Overappreciated: Jon Bon Jovi (adult contemporary).

Underappreciated: Reese Witherspoon (American beauty should win Oscar).
Overappreciated: Keira Knightly (British beauty will probably win Oscar).

Underappreciated: "Walk the Line" (snubbed by Academy in Best Picture category)
Overappreciated: "Munich" (nominated for best picture for one reason: Spielberg).

Underappreciated: Manners
Overappreciated: MTV

Underappreciated: Love of Country
Overappreciated: Political Correctness

Underappreciated: Love of Sport
Overappreciated: Love of Money, Marketing, Fame, at any cost.

Underappreciated: Altruism (Remember when Microsoft was known as the Death Star?)
Overappreciated: Capitalism (Now Google is the new Death Star)

Underappreciated: Dressing conservatively, especially young people
Overappreciated: Prostitot wardrobes

Underappreciated: Natural talent and integrity
Overappreciated: Win at all costs culture (lip synching, steroids, etc).

Underappreciated: The turn signal in the car
Overappreciated: The ability to zip past a line of exiting cars and merge off the highway at the last minute.

Underappreciated: Good friends (we only hurt the ones we love).
Overappreciated: The In Crowd (pretenders you'll forget you ever knew)

Underappreciated: The irony of Kevin Federline
Overappreciated: The hilarity of K-Fed in this MTV Overdrive video -- you have to scroll down the page and click the video link on the right.

What does Britney see in this guy? Never mind. Can anyone say TOOL?

And with that, your Grrr! for today.

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