Schindler's List Survivor Celebrates 100th Birthday

He's 100 years old, thanks in big part to his name appearing on a list more than a half-century ago — Schindler's List.

Max Mingal was one of the 1,100 Jews saved from death during World War II by German businessman Oskar Schindler.

This weekend, Mingal's family will celebrate his 100th birthday at his nursing home in suburban Buffalo, New York.

Mingal worked as a slave laborer for Schindler at his factories in Eastern Europe. Also on the list was Mingal's future wife, Ala, who died two years ago.

Mingal told WGRZ TV in Buffalo that he remembers Schindler as a "charmer" and a "wonderful guy."

After the war, the Mingals settled in the Buffalo area. For 25 years, Max worked at Bethlehem Steel.

He told the TV station: "The best country in the world is the United States of America."