The President Addresses the Nation

The future and character of the United States will be largely determined in the next year by getting over its dependency on foreign oil, ongoing turmoil in Iraq, the growing threat from Iran and concerted efforts to take care of America's own, President Bush said Tuesday night during his fifth annual State of the Union address.

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Here's what FOX Fans are saying:

"We are addicted to oil, but what can this president really do? Nothing. He says he will reduce dependency on Middle Eastern oil by 75%, but we only depend on them for something like 20% at the moment. Bush is off the mark yet again." — Nancy (Memphis, TN)

"The Democrats were disgusting in their behavior. I guess it's true — you never really leave high school." — Samantha (San Diego, CA)

"I believe the president is out of touch with Americans and their concerns. I listened last night to the president's speech, I heard nothing of substance." — Colleen

"Great job, Mr. President. We've come a long way with this president, and we've got a long way to go. There's still a lot to accomplish in the next few years." — Danny (Cleveland, OH)

"Excellent speech with clear straight to the point message." — Charles

"Wonderful speech, Mr. President. It felt so great to see Alito and Roberts sitting near by. The speech of the address was to the point and showed that you have our country on track. I am looking forward to the rest of your term!" — Fred (Chicago, IL)

"What was that? Bush went middle of the road and then his car ran out of gas. Where was the mention of Katrina, corrupt lobbyists, our massive deficit, and on and on! This was a waste of Americans time. We have a buffoon running this country and he is why we are in so much trouble." — James (Rome, GA)

"Bravo Mr. Bush! As an oilman, I was surprised to here him say, or rather admit, that we as Americans are addicted to oil. I just hope he delivers on his promise. I have no idea how he expects to pay for all this new technology when he has a big deficit." — Laura (Cleveland, OH)

"I thought the president gave a good speech. The Democrats in the audience were acting very childish." — Donald (Grove City, OH)

"I just new Bush couldn't resist from invoking the memory of 9/11 to further his own agenda. How shameless this man is. It is simply disgusting. It goes to show you that he lies when he has to rest on the emotional pain of all of those who gave their lives and who lost loved ones to get you to buy his pitch. His speech was so weak with no real plan. We are in big, big trouble. Well, they say it will get worse before it gets better and better is a long way off." — Larry (Madison, NJ)

"He's still adamant about not allowing embryonic stem cell research. He doesn't want a cure for these horrific diseases. Shame on him." — Tammy (Topeka, KS)

"Thank you, Mr. President, for standing firm and resolute through all that's been thrown at you from natural disasters, to the worst tragedy our country has ever seen with 9/11, to fighting terrorism here and abroad, and through all the constant mean-spirited antics from the Democrats. One would think that by now the Democrats would start to realize that in order for our country to move ahead to get things done they need to step up to the plate. This is about America. Let's get to work. Great speech!" — Kathy (Maine)

"The president's State of the Union focused on our international policy and very little on domestic situations. What about the miners and the loss of lives in the coal mines of West Virginia? He made a quick comment about the New Orleans disaster. It was a horrible speech and did not address any of the issues in this country. We would like to hear about domestic issues first and not the world forum for a change." — Theresa (Grafton, WV)

"I can't believe the grade school behavior exhibited by the Democrats during the address this evening. Maybe they met in the playground beforehand to agree that they wouldn't be supporting the president by their stoicism. The Democrats seem to have forgotten that they were VOTED into the seats they were so firmly planted in with their smug, rueful smiles. Run for the presidency if you think you can do it better. The only message sent was that the Democrats wouldn't back the president in the most relaxed forum. How will they respond under pressure or disaster? It's about egos and posturing, not about listening and showing your voting citizens that you can rally around the leader for the good of the whole." — Judy (Winona, MN)

"President Bush did fine on his address, except for the comments about a guest worker program. The American people are opposed to any amnesty or guest worker program. President Bush should talk about securing our borders, not allowing more illegal immigrants to flood into our country unabated. This is an election year, so nothing will get accomplished. That can be a good thing, in view of our huge deficit". — Les (Orange, CA)

"I was disappointed. I expected more detailed plans." — Jan

"As an Independent, I have to say Mr. Bush did a very good job addressing my questions. I was disappointed by the Democratic stances and feel they are out of touch with mainstream America. Democrats seem to want to damage this president, even if it damages the rest of the country." — Kim

"This was one of the most important speeches of President Bush's term in office, and was very good. I was very glad to see him address Iraq and the heavy attack of Democrats. Great job of calling for bipartisanship, as the democrats try to drag the administration through the mud. Do they not realize how it makes America look?" — Jeff (Arnold, MD)

"Aside from the expected international issues of Afghanistan and Iraq, I'm glad that the president was willing to look at reasonable resolutions with some of the newer, but potentially volatile, issues with Iran and the Palestinian Authority. I'm also pleased that the president addressed more recent issues not typically covered in past speeches, like border security, guest worker programs without amnesty, and ways to become less dependent on foreign oil. Overall, the president's speech was brief but right to the point." — Bryan (Milwaukie, OR)

It was a great State of the Union address. The Democratic response was same old stuff -- no Agenda, just Bush bashing." — Denis (Ft Wayne, IN)

"I was so pleased that President Bush pushed partisan politics in Washington to the front of his agenda and addressed the issue at the beginning of his speech. Before we begin to discuss foreign policy and spreading democracy, the bickering on Capitol Hill needs to end. With an audience full of captive Democrats, hopefully some of them took the president's words to heart." — Kristin (Miami Lakes, FL)

"I loved George Bush's speech tonight. His speeches are always timely, critical, and most of all accurate. Thanks for letting us show our respect for President Bush." — Deanna

"I thought it was supposed to be the State of the Union Address. It sounded like the State of the Middle East address." — H.

"I think the speech was wonderful. I am so thankful that the president always remembers to thank our troops and our fallen heroes. I met the president at Ft. Bragg and he promised me that we would not pull out of Iraq until the job is done, so that my son would have not lost his life in vain. He always continues to keep that promise. He had me in tears. It amazes me how the democrats can make such fools of themselves. There was one shot of Hillary Clinton rolling her eyes. What a wonderful president she would be!" — Pat