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"I would stop trying to legislate away every problem Americans have, but rather build an America that encourages, and allows Americans to solve their own problems. I would remind congress that they are elected citizens and are not royalty. I would get Americans to take charge of their own lives, families, and destinies instead of whining and waiting for our fat, pompous, over-paid, ain't-got-a-clue politicians to fix every little thing." — Sam (Memphis, TN)

"I would address the greatest threat to the United States of America — George W. Bush!" — Ginny (Austin, TX)

"Stay in Iraq until the job is done. Give a months notice to the world that were going to destroy Iran's nuclear abilities. Warn North Korea there next if they don't give up their nukes and free there people so they don't starve. Drill in ANWAR. Make tax cuts final. Cut government spending by 20% and increase military spending by 10%." — Mike (Centereach, NY)

"I would do a better job of explaining to the people what the government's doing to protect its citizens and why. I would remind the Americans who have forgotten what happened to us on 9/11. I would do a better job of letting people know just how good the economy is despite all the negative factors." — Ken (Olney, MD)

"I would apologize to the families and friends who lost loved ones on 9/11 for the shameless abuse that the previous administration (George W. Bush's) has inflicted by using it to bolster support for their own selfish agendas. I would do everything I could to undo the damage at home (Katrina, the economy, etc.) and abroad (terrorism, America's standing in the world, etc.) by Bush and his cronies." — J.J. (Charlotte, NC)

"I would declare America the United Red States of America and offer anyone who disagrees a free ticket to Canada." — Mel (Myrtle Beach, SC)

"I would do everything in my power as president to ban, investigate and prosecute cronyism. Bush has done irreparable damage to this country and its citizens by his selfish and inane cronyism. Katrina is a tragic example of how inept our president is and, hopefully soon, was. From Bush's appointments of old pals to posts they are nowhere near qualified to run, to allowing the executive branch to be in bed with companies like Halliburton and Enron — I would put an end to allowing any leader to do so much damage to America, and make them pay for it!" — Ned (Atlanta, GA)

"1) Conclude business in Iraq because military resources needed for other invasions. 2) The Fed needs go to 1% in each step to get the dollar's value back up. 3) Confirm Alito, impeach Ginsburg and replace her. 4) Congress stays in session until tax cuts permanent. 5) Rally American people until Democratic Party disbands." — C.T.

"Well, our union is in a poor state. The government has completely deceived its people to further the ambitions of the military industrial complex. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. It was used to sell an idea that Saddam was a threat, when he never was. Fear tactics have been used brilliantly to make Americans feel that the presidency should have carte blanche when it comes to working outsides the bounds of the Constitution and everything that America stands for. Further we are no better off than we were before 9/11 when it comes to our intelligence agencies and security here at home. Look at the disaster of Katrina. What do you think would happen if another attack comes? This current administration has done more harm to America than any other in the history of our great country. We must take it back...Well, that's my State of the Union for a start." — Eddie (New York, NY)

"I would like to talk about health insurance. A poll last week said that 90% of American are interested in an insurance program for Americans. I'm sure the missing 10% would be senators and congressmen who all have free insurance coverage through our government. Not to mention that they do not pay Social Security! We must recognize there is a problem with health care in America. We can send multimillion dollar probes to Mars and Pluto and we can't firgure out a buget for health care?" — Tom

"The very first thing I would do is to have Congress work 40-hour weeks. There would be no mixing of taxpayer's funds with fun and work. Most certainly, I'd do away with their multiple vacations. Congress seems to be off the job more than in their offices. Congress would have to stop giving themselves 120% pay increase. Second, clean up the environment on our front doors. The world is a huge ecosystem and if drastic steps are not taken now we will be in a world of hot water. Third, I'd stop the production of so many gas cars and go to hydrogen and/or anything else that will lesson our dependence on oil. The technology is there but makers of cars are not doing anything about it. And fourth, I'd explain to Americans that noting will change if the people are still buying gas-based cars." — Sylver (Florida)

"I would address 1) Terrorism (i.e. how and what we are doing, fighting to end/reduce this threat); 2) America's Security (i.e. how we are trying to close our boarders from terrorists and Mexican boarder jumpers); 3) Health Care concerns (reducing cost of drugs, doctors and insurance); 4) Oil (how we can reduce those costs and how to make our country more self reliant); 5) Increase Employment opportunities (keep jobs in house, not overseas); 6) Inflation (keep it down); 7) Housing Market (keep it affordable)." — Thomas (Salt Lake City, UT)

"I will promote an independent state healthcare program to be run by the people of the state. This will put an immediate stop to all insurance companies that profit of our current healthcare system." — Edward (Rumford, ME)

"My State of the Union would hot on five very simple points: 1) Max funding to eliminate foreign energy dependence in three to five years. 2) Strengthen and fund all intelligence efforts and agencies. 3) Secure the Southern borders. Increase funding to new military weapons systems. 4) Eliminate foreign aid to corrupt and terrorist aligned governments. 5) Tell the UN to kiss off. “ — Jerry (Alabama)

"I would ask Congress for a formal declaration of war on terrorism. I would direct the Majority leader of both houses to support line item veto power. I would support the elimination of all earmarks." — Donald

"It is long past time to set the course of this country back to the genius of our founders. The individual morality, vigor and determination that made the greatest country the world has ever seen, have been largely lost. Certainly, a new Federal/Constructionist period would save America." — Roger (California)

"I would stop all the lies, deception and hiding behind 9/11. I would give the American people the straight truth. They can take it!" — Joan

"Illegal drugs can be stopped if we eliminated the main sources and those bringing it in. Locking up drug attics and small time drug dealers hasn’t worked in decades. We need to stop sending hundreds of billions of dollars outside our country every year. We need that money here to take care of this country first before we can help others. We have Medicare, homelessness, education, poverty, cancer research, and countless other issues that those billions could do wonders for. Let the only war we engage in be against drugs. And let Americans hard earned money benefit America first!" — L. (South Carolina)

"Open up domestic oil drilling and allow new refineries to be built. Shut down the borders to ALL illegals. Enforce the laws we already have on the books, (including the death penalty), we do not need any more new laws. Two term limit on any congressional office." — Jim (Winsted, CT)

"I would address the war and give Americans a more definitive overview of how things are going and what we as Americans can expect in the future. I would talk about the economy and where we as a nation we stand concerning new jobs, job cuts and what we can expect." — Lucy (McCamey, TX)

"I would introduce a program that would redirect many of NASA's efforts to creating technologies that would allow us to be independent from the need of foreign oil. Once achieved, we could resume our efforts to explore the galaxy. I would also use any profits made in the wake of Katrina and Rita to go to those who lost their loved ones, their jobs and their homes. I would make Halliburton pay all their profits earned from Iraq and the hurricanes and disperse those funds to those who were victimized by war and by the hurricanes." — Linda (Mobile, AL)

My speech would include the following, the speechwriters could pick the order: War on terror (Iraq, NSA wiretapping, Hamas and Iran); energy alternatives, research, nuclear, coal, building refineries, ANWAR and drilling in U.S.; immigration reform and safe borders; economy and health care; and tax reform." — Ronni (New Jersey)

"I would: 1) eliminate the Department of Education, effective immediately; 2) eliminate the Department of Housing Development effectively immediately; 3) revisit the Health and Human Services Department with the idea of reimbursing physicians and hospitals in a more equitable manner; 4) in Iraq, continue with training the Iraqis to take back their own country; 5) should Iran and Syria not cooperate with us in the next three months prepare a battle plan and consider tactical nukes; 6) cut taxes even further and foster more entrepreneurship; and lastly, 7) develop more allies around the globe.” — Will