Cupid Logs On

The first of the online personal sites, was launched in 1995 and continues to be one of the leading online relationship sites. With more than 15 million members in 240 countries and 60,000 new people registering everyday, it's hard to imagine destiny doesn't exist on this “.com.”

“At Match, we believe there's someone for everyone, and I think most of us as individuals also have that romantic notion.” says Kristen Kelly, senior director of public relations for

“I think the beauty of Match is, it very quickly can expand your possibilities, it broadens your social network, it introduces you to a lot of people you would never otherwise meet and enables you to quickly narrow your search to the persons that are of most interest to you.”

According to Match, about 80% of their members are looking for long-term relationships or marriage. “A shared intent helps make the sight successful because you have people looking for the same kind of relationship,” says Ms. Kelly.

But why Internet dating and what about the stigma that online relationship sites are for the desperate? Scott A. McLaughlin, a Match success story says, “I think relationships are 50% chemistry and 50% demographics. Match facilitates the demographics by assisting you with narrowing down the field among age, religion, location, height, etc.” Scott has been married to his wife Javine, who he met on Match, for three months.

“What I hear a lot from our success couples, is that Match helped them fall in love from the inside out. Online dating in general does this, it shifts the paradigm a bit because most of us, if we meet someone at a bar, or a supermarket or a gym, tend to be drawn to the physical part of someone first — you see someone across the room and you lock eyes. Online dating is very different. I mean certainly you have a photograph with your profile, but really you're getting to know someone based on their profile information, before you ever meet. Now you need to meet, online dating doesn't mean you date online. You know when you meet if that "spark" or chemistry is there. You've already cleared the compatibility hurdle, at least,” says Kristen.

We do everything else online, don't we? We order food, pay our bills, get our news and keep in touch with friends. So why not find love too?

“I personally was getting about 300 e-mails a month from people telling me they're getting engaged or married. We wanted a place to showcase these great stories, a place to let people tell their stories. If they've had a great experience they want to talk about it. These stories will be displayed on, which just proves that the online dating world is becoming more of a universe.

With Valentine's Day approaching, what better time than now to search for new love?

“We had our largest single day on January 2, in terms of new subscribers. We call it the New Year's Resolution phenomenon. You come off the holidays, and maybe you've been alone and you figure this is the year I'm going to do this for myself. So, it's a common resolution, and people are thinking about Valentine's Day so it's always our busiest time,” Ms. Kelly concludes.

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