'Idol' Twins Booted for Alleged ID Theft

The "American Idol" twins accused of identity theft say they've been booted off the show.

A lawyer for Derrell and Terrell Brittenum, arrested earlier this month but now free on bail, says the identical-twin brothers have been "uninvited" from the show.

"It was an amicable breakup," the lawyer, Maurice Bennett, said on an Atlanta radio station. "The guys understood why. It's amazing how these things work."

Fox officials continue to have a "no comment" policy regarding the situation and whether the brothers will be seen again on future "Idol" episodes.

The network did, however, reportedly squelch the brothers' planned live appearance Wednesday night on MSNBC's "Scarborough Country" — indicating the Brittenums are still officially under contract to Fox.

The brothers, who hail from Tennessee, were seen on the first "Idol" episode this season, serenading "Idol" judge Paula Abdul and impressing her fellow judges Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson, who sent them on to the next round of the hit reality show.

But Derrell and Terrell, 28, who have prior arrest records, were then arrested and accused of using stolen identities to purchase a car in Atlanta last June.

Bennett said the brothers were released on bond early Sunday morning and were scheduled to fly to L.A. for the next round of "Idol" eliminations — when they were suddenly "uninvited" from the show.

Bennett also said he's been contacted by "several" record labels supposedly interested in signing the brothers to contracts.