Palestinian Political Earthquake

As Palestinian voters rejected the longtime rule of the Fatah Party, victorious Islamic militant group Hamas have said they oppose peace talks and will not disarm, thereby throwing the future of Mideast peacemaking into question. Read more.

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Does the landslide victory of Hamas mean Palestinians do not want to work towards peace with Israel?

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Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

"There is no real peace process, and sadly there never will be with Hamas in power." — Justin (Boston, MA)

"Sounds like a set back for peace." — Alexander

"Hamas was elected. The U.S. must deal with that fact. Hamas must change and be a responsible and democratic government. Israel must cease its aggression." — Laura (New York, NY)

"No! This is not positive for peace in the Middle East. How can peace come from an organization that promotes hate and violence under the pretense of religion?" — Elaine

"Unfortunately, the Palestinians didn't have much to choose from; a corrupt Fatah Party that gave a wink and a nod toward terrorism and have wasted and/or stolen money that should have gone toward rebuilding the area or a terrorist group that have no intention of a peaceful resolution to the problems of this Mideast region. Not much of a choice!" — C. (Carefree, AZ)

"I believe that the election of Hamas is a loss for peace. I completely sympathize with the Palestinian people because for as long as I've been alive they've been treated like leftovers to be scrapped off the plate. You cannot treat people this way and not expect at least a fraction of them to turn militant radical in retaliation of that treatment. I do not approve of their tactics but it is clearly no mystery why they do what they do." — Joel (Oakland, CA)

"Politics of hatred are always a lose-lose for everyone. No winners here." — Dwight

"The Palestine vote has cemented it as an enemy to the United States. We should not deal with them in any way possible. Israel will now have to be on guard, with any and all the U.S. assistance they may need." — Jessica

"Hamas was voted for by the people. We may not like it, but it was democracy in action. Either you support democracy in all its forms, which Bush says he does, or you don't. You can't have it both ways." — Jake (United Kingdom)

"The outlook for peace in that part of the world is always bleak. It may too early to tell, but it seems a little bleaker today. Arafat was a terrorist, but we attempted to work with him. Will the objective of Hamas, i.e. the destruction of Israel, change? Will they be sincere in working for peace? Time will tell." — Eric (Orlando FL)

"This election shows the folly of the Israelis for giving up the West Bank and Gaza so the Palestinians can fire rockets into Israel from there." — Kevin (San Antonio, TX)