Alito's Impact

The Senate on Wednesday began its final debate on Samuel Alito's nomination to the Supreme Court, but the judge picked to replace the retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor has already won enough informal votes from senators to become the nation's 110th justice. Read more.

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With his confirmation all but assured, what affect will Alito have on America's judicial landscape?

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"Alito is a danger to our civil liberties, and to women who should have the right to make their own decisions about their body and health. He will put this country back into the dark ages. Who knows, maybe he will bring back the burning of witches too." — Gloria (Memphis, TN)

"He will do an excellent job of being a Supreme Court Justice and upholding the rule of law." — Jade (Arizona)

"It is about time that someone is put on the high court that wants to uphold the law and not write it." — Stephen (Waynesville, NC)

"I am a staunch advocate for the civil rights of women and, as a matter of course, all human beings. As such, I favor a women's right to make reproductive choices. Nevertheless, most reproductive choices should be made prior to conception. Alito's view with respect to abortion is just as legitimate as the views of those that would oppose him on the Senate Judiciary Committee." — S.B.

"Alito will make the right decisions for this nation." — Marilyn (Orange, CA)

"Decisions of the court will start to show a greater tendency to be less liberal." — John (Montrose, AL)

“Mr. Alito will be one of the best! His record of judicial restraint will be a model for years to come. I think we have our country back.” — Gail (Moorpark, CA)

“I think judge Alito, based upon past performance, will be a strict jurist who interprets the Constitution as is. He will not MAKE law from the bench.” — Will

"It seems to me that Judge Alito is the right man, but we really never know for sure. We will have to put our trust in him and expect him to do everything he has promised. I think it was terrible the way many Democrats treated him day after day, but he stayed sweet through it all. I sure felt for his wife and family. If those people who criticize would spend more time praying, It would be a better world." — Betty

"If there's one thing we know for sure about what Alito's impact will be, is that we CAN’T know. History is littered with presidential picks who didn't pan out as the President who picked them hoped. Judge Alito himself would be the first to say he doesn't know what effect he will have on American jurisprudence. We do know, however, that he is extraordinarily qualified." — Byrne

"I truly believe that staunch conservatives will be quite disappointed in many of Alito’s future rulings. I believe he leans a bit more left than the public realizes. In fact, G.W.B. does too!" — Trace

"Hopefully, he will help restore the values that made this country great." — Pete (FL)

"I feel that judge Alito will be a definite asset to the Supreme Court. I think that he will help stem the erosion of individual and states rights to the federal government. This has been ongoing for a lot of years under the liberal leaning court." — Connie (Middletown, OH)

"I am afraid that Alito will lay waste to the American judicial landscape. He is nothing but a bought and sold Bushy." — Stan

"It will be good to have a court that actually provides valid constitutional verdicts for a change!" — Tom (Austin, TX)

"I feel very safe in saying that Judge Alito will definitely have a positive influence on the Supreme Court and our country. We will be better for having such a fine judge willing to serve on the court for all of us." — Norma (Colts Neck, NJ)

"I think that Judge Alito will bring a better balance to the court. He has a 15 year record as a fair jurist and the only complaints are from the liberal left." — Paul (New York, NY)

"I don't know yet, but my I have my doubts. I would like to believe that the president and his nominee will do as they promise to uphold the Constitution, but Bush has misled us far too often for me to feel 100%. I just hope he is open-minded and fair." — Danny (Providence, RI)

"Laws are written by the people through their elected officials, the legislation. Through the several levels of government, the president and the executive branch execute these laws. Judges watches over to ensure the system works by the written law. Hopefully judges finally will stick to the written law and they will stop creating verdicts based on their own private views." — Peter (Maybrook, NY)

"I think things will get back on track for what most Americans believe in." — Chad (El Paso, TX)

"God help us all, as our once great nation steps back 200 years!" — Tom (Woodland Hills, CA)

"I believe which ever way Judge Alito fulfills his duty as a Supreme Court Justice, he will judge according to the law. That is all we should be concerned with. Isn't that the main reason any of them are confirmed?" — Linda (Indianapolis, IN)

"I pray that for God's sake, for our nation's Sake and for his own sake, that he will keep true to God's commandments and laws to help clean out all the wickedness of our current judicial system." — Mark

"It is very tragic that so many on the Right have no regard for the Constitution. Alito will help shift this country towards the neocons dream of a silent theocracy." — Kari (Washington, DC)

"I believe that Judge Alito's confirmation will do more to set the correct tone of the Supreme Court, one of law enforcement not law-making. The state and federal legislatures are responsible for making the laws of the land. It is the Supreme Court's responsibility to insure the laws passed do not conflict with our constitutional rights." — Mike

"He had better judge not as a conservative activist, but as a judge entrusted with upholding the constitution and not re-interpreting it. We have a separation of church and state. He has no right to push a religious agenda upon free citizens. If so, he is a treat to democracy, just like our current president is." — Patty (San Diego, CA)

"Simply put, Alito will do his job, which is to interpret the law and uphold it. Period. His history proves that he’s not a radical and won’t turn the judicial landscape upside down for personal jollies. The Senate should just confirm the man and let’s move on to more pressing matters." — Nathan (Tallahassee, FL)

"He will do a great job of destroying the basic rights we as Americans should have in a democracy. It is a sad time in our history." — Thomas (Wausau, WI)