Saddam Trial: Fair or Farce?

The court trying Saddam Hussein cancelled the resumption of his trial Tuesday, delaying the session for five days, after some judges opposed the appointment of a new chief judge in a last-minute shakeup. The delay and judges' dispute were the latest sign of disarray in the trial of the ousted Iraqi leader and his former regime officials, calling into question the fairness of what is meant to be a landmark step in Iraq's political progress. Read more.

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Are the delays in Saddam's trial important to insure fairness, or are they harming the judicial process?

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"The delays in Saddam's trial are to insure that it is done right. What's the rush? We all know what the outcome is going to be regardless of how long the trial is. So sit back and relax. They'll let you know when it's over." — Joel (Oakland, CA)

"The trial is a farce, just as any other matter that is left in thee hands of any of the Arab governments. If the people of Iraq want justice, put a parachute on Saddam and drop him into one of the villages that were hit with poison gas in years past on his orders. That would show everyone how to apply swift justice." — Rick (Sulphur, LA)

"A short rope and a tall tree would end this circus once and for all." — Chuck (Moline, IL)

"Keep the momentum of the trial moving. The sooner it is concluded, the better for Iraq." — Rich

"Everyone knew that the Saddam trial was going to be a farce. The thing that was not known was that the so-called judges would entertain such arrogance and disruption by ‘the murderer.' That has made it an even bigger farce than expected." — Don (Madawaska, ME)

"The trial is in shambles. Do you think that we are looking at a preview of the future Iraqi government?" — Ron

"Having a fair trial allows a sense of control, freedom and closure to Iraq." — Geneva (NV)

"The whole thing is a joke. I feel like he is still getting his way with all these delay tactics. At this rate it will be years before this trial is over. I feel sorry for the lawyers who have had to defend him. The judges need to get a little backbone and just move this along." — Janet (NY)

"Saddam should be treated like a prisoner, and garbed accordingly. He and the others should be in ‘jailhouse orange.’ This ‘trial’ is the biggest farce since OJ Simpson's. The clowns are on; when do the trained bears go to the center ring?" — Jim (Houston, TX)

"The judges should take control of the trial; if Saddam can’t shut up, then he needs to stay in his cell with CCTV of the courtroom." — Charles (Monroe, LA)

"The judge needs to quit putting up with Saddam. Handcuff him to his chair and put duct tape over his mouth and force him to face his accusers. The judge really needs to take control of the courtroom and demand respect." — Darla (Pharr, TX)

"Give the man a fair and speedy trial, and then execute him." — Bob

"I believe everything should be done to ensure that Hussein gets a fair trial – not necessary a flawless trial, but a fair one. That is the difference between the United States and other countries. I think if the Iraqi judicial system is a little tentative, cut them some slack. This is a very high profile case, and I'm sure they want to get it right." — Eric (Orlando, FL)

"This trial needs to happen and happen fast. It is not only delaying the judicial process, but it is also keeping some of the Iraqi people feeling frustrated and fearful. It needs to happen so that the judge and other people taking part don't have to continuously fear for their lives." — Dorothy

"Try him. Convict him. Execute him. It’s that simple. Stop the nonsense!" — Thear (TN)

"The world doesn't need a trial of Saddam to know that he's guilty and the Iraqi's don't need a trial to know that. The obvious punishment is death, and that sentence should be carried out immediately." — Jason (OH)

"Hey folks, open your eyes! It's a former Democratic Party cabinet official, Ramsey Clark, who is causing many of the problems in the Saddam Hussein trial! Former President Jimmy Carter doesn't help with his anti-American rhetoric either. They should just have thrown a grenade into the hole where they found Saddam and then filled it in." — Ken (FL)

"The ACLU may get involved and find that the court is violating Saddam’s rights. Maybe they will get Judge Cashman of Vermont to administer the sentencing." — Ken (TX)

"It infuriates me every time I hear the latest information about his trial: his delays, his complaints, etc. I do not think he has anything to complain about, and I think that for justice to be served he should get what he gave to his countrymen! He is being given the respect, courtesy and a fair trial that none of his victims received. It maybe a defense attorney's job to delay the trial, but it is the job of a judge to stop the nonsense and keep moving toward justice." — Jan (FL)

"The system is being far too nice to him. Do you think Adolf Hitler would have received such niceties if he had been captured alive?" — Gary

"Whether he is exonerated or hung from the nearest rafter, justice for the Iraqi people will not have been served. By our efforts to be standoffish and not force our system upon them, we have allowed an imperfect replacement to fill the void." — Martin (KS)

"I believe it is a farce. Saddam is still running the show. He is the manipulator of the century." — Ben (MO)

"I do not believe there is any doubt about this former dictator’s guilt. I would not even waste money putting him on trial. He should be given the same consideration he gave those who lost their lives because of him. A single bullet to his head could save us all the grief of a long drawn out process that is unnecessary." — Greg (MT)

"I really do think that things are going too slowly with the Saddam trial. Maybe they should hold everyone involved in the building and continue until it is finished." — Hollie (NY)

"This trial is ridiculous. Saddam does not deserve a trial. Who cares if it is fair or not? He didn’t care about how he murdered thousands of people or care about the victims’ families. The judges need to remember that they are judges who must follow the law, keep rule in their courtroom, and not be intimidated by Saddam." — Opal (PA)

"What's wrong? He should have been shot a long time ago. Was there anything 'fair' about the way Saddam dealt with anyone who opposed him?" — Judy (MO)

"Putting a little demi-god like Saddam on trial just doesn't work. If we couldn't convict the popular OJ Simpson, how are we ever going to convict an immensely powerful man like Saddam? I wish our soldiers had put a bullet in him when he was in his hole in the ground and then just covered up the hole and walked away." — Mark (VA)

"The delays are ridiculous and have nothing to do with fairness. The judges need to get a grip and move the trial along." — Bob (OK)

"I think the delays are the result of defense tactics. Any defense counsel worth his or her salt should be expected to do this in order to keep their client away from the final verdict as long as possible. I feel certain that he will be found guilty and will be executed. The only questions are: how long will it take and how many people will be killed in the interim to provide distractions?" — Roger (Lilburn, GA)

"Saddam needs to be tried IN the country he destroyed, BY the people whose families he terrorizes, and sentenced to death in a fair manner." — Dan (San Diego, CA)

"This trial is becoming a joke. Will it even happen? I'm sure Saddam and his fellow conspirators are happy to have the trial postponed. The man is being held and witnesses can't show up to incriminate him. Wow! This man has still has power even in the courts." — Carrie (MN)

"Their judicial system is soaked with scare tactics, terrorist threats, and repercussions from outside people who have no respect for life. How can you have a fair trial when all this is going on behind the scenes? When (or if) he is convicted, another war will begin. We will be in Iraq from now on, whether we like it or not. We have started something that will take a hundred years to fix." — Lg (SC)

"Saddam and his half brother should be put in a soundproof box, or have their mouths taped shut and handcuffed, so that the trial can continue and they can’t intimidate judges or witnesses." — Maralea (Kansas City, MO)

"Saddam is being given something that he NEVER gave those he judged without trials and then murdered. So how fair can you get with a man that wiped out his own people with weapons of mass destruction? Maybe he should be tried in the same manner he tried others. That would truly be fair." — Nancy (Tucson, AZ)

"The trial is becoming a joke. There is a lack of expertise in putting a former president on trial accused of criminal activities. Iraq insisted on prosecuting him in Iraq by Iraqis. Obviously, it has gotten out of hand. We have to accept the way it is going and hope for the best." — Ed

There is a lot of work to be done on this matter. This stage of Iraq's transformation is still in its infancy. It isn't over yet so let's not count our chickens before they hatch. There is still room and time to correct glitches as they come up. I'm certain (I HOPE) these irregularities will be ironed out. Remember: it took the newly formed United States of America seven years to work out the constitution and our governing body." — Lori (SC)

"This is such a joke. Who really cares? Not to mention that idiot Ramsey Clark, from the Carter administration, working on his legal team. I would tell Mr. Clark to make sure that he packs enough luggage to remain in Iraq, because we aren't letting him back into the United States. He could always move in with Harry Belafonte in Venezuela." — Joe (Grapevine, TX)

"They are harming the judicial process. He will have the ability to appeal to a higher court. The higher court can then determine whether the lower court was in error in 'handling the case.' If he were anyone else, he would not receive the treatment he is getting. Which in itself, already puts the judicial process against the wall. 'Justice is blind,' right?" — Mike (Tulsa, OK )