Al-Jazeera — "The Network Terrorists Trust?"

Reacting to the recently-released Usama bin Laden tape, FNC's Neil Cavuto said the following during "Your World" (weekdays, 4pm / 1am ET):

"How does Al-Jazeera keep getting these terror tapes? I know people are still parsing every word, nuance and phrase from this alleged Usama bin Laden tape. What did he mean? Is he in trouble? Why is it an audiotape?

Me? I'm just wondering how Al-Jazeera keeps getting these tapes. I mean, someone is dropping them off. And every time, all the time, the drop-off is Al-Jazeera. It's not FOX. It's not CNN. It's not MSNBC. I don't know, maybe it's the network terrorists trust.

All I do know is Al-Jazeera gets them, airs them and swears by them. So who am I to second guess them? I'll leave the real experts to that." Read more.

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Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

"Al-Jazeera should be dealt with!! They repeatedly put out and send anti-American propaganda to the Middle Eastern world. The tapes from Usama may have hidden messages to his fanatical followers to set some things in motion!!" — Oliver

"Al-Jazeera is doing what it can to make money. They know there audience will eat this stuff up. Every news outlet and newspaper caters to some degree to their audience." — Patrick (Portland, ME)

"Americans should not focus their anger on Al-Jazeera for the tapes of UBL, but at our pathetic excuse of a president who has YET to capture UBL! Bush has failed America in so many ways and the fact that UBL is still around is proof of performance, or the lack thereof." — Gene (Newark, NJ)

"I believe Al-Jazeera is in cahoots with Usama bin Laden! Why aren't we staking out this media? We should be investigating those who deliver materials to this so-called news organization. As far as I'm considered, Al-Jazeera is just another terrorist organization to promote such trash!" — Rene

"No one will ever get picked up for delivering tapes to anywhere. All of the countries in that area hate the U.S. Why would they want to help us? We are their Satan, always will be, no matter how many billions we throw at their problem. America is just one big sucker when it comes to passing out money to our enemies. Surely they must be laughing at our stupidity!" — Jerry

"How do we even know if Usama is still alive? Is it possible that all of these tapes were pre-recorded for release at a later date? Usama does have kidney problems so as far as we know he could be dead. Maybe there is an Al-Jazeera reporter getting these through. Neil makes a very good point. How do these tapes whether video or audio keep getting through?" — L.C. (California)

"Bin Laden is dead and has been since Tora Bora. All communications since then have been manufactured. It's easy. Any 15-year-old geek can do it on a cheap computer with $100 worth of software." — Wes (Leawood, KS)

"Why is Al-Jazeera putting the tapes on the air? They are giving UBL free advertising to spread his message of hate to the entire world. What if no one ever saw the tapes? Wouldn’t that be good? We have been trying to isolate him and cut him off from his people, only to have Al-Jazeera put his communications out to the world. Who cares what the bastard says anyway? Let’s just get him and his men and get them out of this world. We will all be safer." — Gary (Hughesville, PA)

"I really believe that this is the Bush administration's tail wagging the dog. UBL is dead or is being held captive to be trotted out at some point. You either have to believe that are armed forces, special ops, CIA and the ilk are too incompetent to have captured him OR that he is dead or being held prisoner. I wouldn't be surprised if these tapes were manufactured by the U.S. just to further the need for our military-industrial complex to feed on the killing industry." — Mike (Flint, MI)