Iran — Is Diplomacy the Answer?

Germany's foreign minister said in comments broadcast Thursday that European efforts to refer Iran to the U.N. Security Council did not mean abandoning attempts to reach a diplomatic solution.

Europe, backed by the United States, on Wednesday rejected Iran's request for talks, raising international pressure on Tehran to suspend uranium enrichment. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said "there's not much to talk about" until Iran halts nuclear activity. But Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused the West of acting like the "lord of the world" in denying his country the peaceful use of the atom. Read more.

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"If by diplomacy you mean harsh sanctions, followed by force in the event they continue their nuclear ambitions then yes." Jasper (New Bern, NC)

"NO! We must deal with Iran now and do so swiftly and directly!" Fran (Rochester, NY)

"Yes, diplomacy is the answer if you don't mind trying to reason with a three-year old. There is probably only one way to deter a nuclear build up in Iran and that is to remove the problem." James (Georgia)

"Every possible avenue must be explored. War must be a last resort." Peter (Camden, ME)

"Diplomacy must be the first viable option. Unfortunately, we are dealing with another extremist who would indeed pose a very serious threat to the entire world. They must, because China, and Russia are concerned. We have tried bargaining with Iran many times with no obvious success. The international community needs to step up to the plate on this one before it gets out of hand. I agree with Secretary Rice, there is not much to talk about until they suspend uranium enrichment." Jeff (Saratoga, NY)

"Well, if Bush hadn't duped America and wasted our time and resources in Iraq, we could be better situated to threaten Iran. We should've gone in there way before we went into Iraq. We also have Syria and North Korea to deal with, if we ever do. All the while, China's army is growing. Diplomacy is just a way to go around and around. It sadly won't do any good." L.J. (Houston, TX)

"No, diplomacy does not work with insane leaders, such as Ahmadinejad. They are clueless to humanity, civility, and freedom, and they have proved that they do not have the capacity to learn what those things are. I am an American-born Iranian, and I pray that Iran will have the freedom it once had under the regime of the Shah, but even better, as I hope the same democracy that I enjoy, love, cherish, and am thankful for here in the United States, onto them." Sara (California)

"Considering Ahmadinejad's statements lately of Israel needing to be wiped off the earth, and the holocaust being made up, we can see what his intentions are with his nuclear enrichment program. Certainly Iran doesn't need this for energy. Immediate sanctions are in order, and let's hope someone has the guts the Israelis did a couple of decades ago in Iraq and strikes their reactor." Cathy (Boston, MA)

"I am frustrated with the Bush administration for not dealing with Iran more swiftly. We are at war, no? He said he is waging a war on terror, yes? Then why aren't we really fighting it? Iran sponsors terror, much more clearly than Iraq ever did. Syria sponsors terror. Enough is enough. Deal with Iran now, rather than later. Take out their regime. Plead with their more moderate population and tell them to be part of the solution or don't be surprised when the U.S. Marines come a-knocking!" Jared (New York, NY)

"Yes, of course diplomacy is the answer. Why would we want thousand upon thousands dead? It has not gotten us anywhere in Iraq. Iran is nothing like Iraq. Bush has an opportunity with Iran to work with the world community in pressuring them to cease the nuclear programs. He should learn from his mistakes in Iraq." Kerry (Portland, OR)

"No! We've pussyfooted for far too long with Iran. I think we need to deal with the swiftly and directly. No need to wait on the useless U.N. or what the rest of the world thinks is the appropriate avenue of action. Hit them first and ask questions later!" Alex (San Diego, CA)