Is God Mad at America?

Mayor Ray Nagin suggested Monday, during a Martin Luther King Day celebration, that Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and other storms were a sign that "God is mad at America" for "being in Iraq under false pretenses" and at black communities, too, for tearing themselves apart with violence and political infighting. Read more.

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"Americans probably (if not definitely) give more aid and money out to those that need help than all other countries combined. The rest of the world sees and knows this, and I'm sure God does too. At election time, I hope the good people of New Orleans do themselves and the rest of us a favor, and vote for someone else!" — Tom

"God may very well be punishing us, but I doubt it's so black and white. Iraq is wrong. Politicizing a tragedy, like Nagin is, is wrong. Who knows? God knows and will surely judge us in due time." — Harold (Red Hook, NY)

"Hey Ray, WHY DIDN'T YOU USE THOSE BUSES?! Surely, God meant for you to help your people. Shame on you!" — Jeanne (Lakewood, NJ)

"God is not mad at America, but perhaps at New Orleans for all of the crime, drugs, and debauchery that takes place down there. New Orleans, and Mardi Gras pretty much stand for everything that God does not want us as humans to do. That is just my take on it though." — L.C. (Los Angeles, CA)

"This is one of the most stupid statements I have ever heard. He deserted his city and its people, and now he is a national leader? Not hardly!" — George (Evansville, IN)

"The Mayor thinks God is mad at America for being in Iraq. Is he sure God isn’t mad at New Orleans for a history of immorality!" — Milton

"Mayor Nagin's comments are a disgrace to New Orleans. He is quickly becoming a pariah each and every time he opens his mouth." — Terry (Wooster, OH)

"God is mad but not at Iraq, he is mad about the way people are living in New Orleans, voodoo, sex, drugs, and drinking." — Marsha

"My God is NOT a wrathful god, and Ray Nagin is NOT a successful politician!" — Frank (Plano, TX)

"Yes, God is mad at New Orleans, but it's for electing nitwits like their mayor and governor!" — Sandy (Duncanville, TX)

"Ray Nagin's comments are completely idiotic! It is pathetic that he not only let his citizens down during a crisis, but that he is now continuing to politicize their tragedy. He is disgusting." — Mavis (Leesburg, FL)

"Possibly, we do need to clean up our act some." — Jeb (Titusville, FL)

"Making peace, loving selflessly, doing good unto others, being humble, seeking righteousness, protecting the helpless, this is pleasing to God. What would God have to be mad at us for?" — David (Austin, TX)

"If Hurricane Katrina can be blamed on God's wrath over the U.S. invading Iraq, then the blizzard of '96, Pacific coast flooding/West coast flooding in '96, droughts in '95 and '96, New England ice storm in '98, and every hurricane we've had during the Clinton Administrations must have meant that God was angry with Bill Clinton for trying to get women into bed with him! Ray Nagin is an idiot who believes in voodoo and was dancing on tables in a bar when his city was being hit by the hurricane. I'd want to take attention away from that if I were him, too. He is incompetent and should not hold the office of mayor." — Daneen (Jericho, VT)

"This is so insane and simple-minded. It is sad that an elected leader can preach such . This is usually something reserved for the fanatically, narrow-minded nut jobs like Pat Robertson who still think that the Bible is the literal word of God. Pat Robertson's God apparently sent the hurricanes for all the sinful behavior in New Orleans. It's amazing how so many so-called religious people think that their God is as ingenious to send a hurricane. God is much more than that simple, narrow-minded take on trying to explain what we only really fear. I wish there was a God who could send a hurricane that would wipe the world clean of such simple-minded people." — Kate (Grover, SC)

"If God is punishing America for invading Iraq, then what did the countries do for the tsunami to hit them and what did Pakistan do for the quake to hit them? The mayor of New Orleans needs to quit smoking whatever he's been smoking! The South has always been the target for hurricanes ever since I can remember." — Linda

"I believe that God is more sad than angry. He is removing his protection and gracious hands and letting the world make its choice just as a parent would to for a rebellious teen. They call it tough love. There are people who are destructive and will not compromise their beliefs. Like bin Laden. The Bible tells us what is happening. Earth is not heaven. Therefore God doesn’t have to preserve the Earth for his people." — Dianne (Kingstowne, VA)

"God is not mad at America. At least no more than any other country that has felt the brunt of Mother Nature recently. Many experts cite that we are in a weather cycle that will continue. Now, it seems that politics follow the same cycle. Mr. Nagin is an amateur at the blame game. His cycle is about up." — David

"I hope Mayor Nagin is very proud of himself for playing the race and the angry god cards." — Stacy

"Honestly, has Mr. Nagin lost any and all sense that may have remained after the storms this past year? God is mad at America? He’s going to build a 'chocolate city?' What about the sizable Latin and Asian populations that resided in New Orleans before the storms; will they fit his recipe? Instead of worrying about the color of the residents returning to New Orleans, Mr. Nagin should be more concerned with the corrupt, dishonest, parasitic citizens and leaders that inhabited New Orleans before the storms (for hundreds of years) returning. Let’s not use affirmative action to decide the composition of a city!" — Paige (Dallas, TX)

"Nagin is obviously using the race card and the tragedy of New Orleans to further his own political gains. I truly hope that the people there see threw him." — James (Charlotte, NC)