Protests Rock Pakistan

Protests rock Pakistan as Islamic groups condemn a purported CIA airstrike, meant to target Al Qaeda's No. 2 man, that left 17 innocent men, women and children dead.

On Sunday, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz) defended the purported CIA airstrike, "We apologize, but I can't tell you that we wouldn't do the same thing again" in going after Ayman al-Zawahiri. McCain said it is a "cautionary tale" about the fate of the terrorist network's leaders that the U.S. "didn't take them out" long ago. He said the United States must hunt them down wherever they are hiding.Read more.

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"It is too bad civilians get involved in war, but it is part of life. If the people in Pakistan did not support and harbor terrorists, they wouldn't be in harm's way. This is a war on terror and the only way to defeat the enemy is to stand strong no matter what. If we fear, they win." Dan

"It's a tragedy. Not only for the innocent victims, but for the efforts the U.S. are trying to make there. I am certain that the terrorists and fanatical Muslims there are behind the protests. The U.S. has apologized. America has made great strides there in terms of our aid (diplomatically and financially). It is pathetic that the terrorists are manipulating and politicizing the victims and their families." Joe (New York, NY)

"America should remove itself from Pakistan! They are killing innocent people everyday. They are waging a war and we as civilians are paying the price. The drugs are still being made and sold in my country, corrupt men still rule here, and people are still disenfranchised. America has not been a beacon of hope and democracy, so leave." P. (Pakistan)

"I do not blame them for being angry for an apparent mistake. But we are in a war, and people should not be harboring terrorists or inviting them to dinner. I listen to the protests, and loss of innocent life is horrible. But I would like everyone to count up how many innocent lives were lost because of terrorist actions. I bet that number is a lot higher than our recent raid." Terry (Philadelphia, PA)

"If it is okay to bomb and kill women and children as collateral damage, then it must be okay to strap on a bomb belt and kill innocent women and children. There is no difference. It does not make it okay because you do it from 40,000 feet. 9/11 has given George W. Bush an excuse to have his way in the world and now we find, also in the United States. I will never believe there is a threat to this country as long as we let thousands of people illegally cross the border into our country each week." Melvin (Pataskala, OH)

"The airstrike was a good reminder to terrorists that we are still looking for them and they will be found. If the Pakistani people don't like the fact we bombed the wrong village, they can contact us with the terrorists' current location." Leon (Olathe, KS)

"Both the Republican and Democratic senators' comments are appalling! Killing is killing and, therefore, it is wrong. I doubt Jesus would say the same thing about the killings of those innocent people as our lawmakers have. It is all too tragic." Kate (Dallas, TX)

"Most people in this world can expect and understand friendly fire in a war zone. However, when you have to deal with fundamentalists that teaches hate and death to non-believers, what can one expect? If the people in Pakistan are pissed off at the Americans over something that was an accident, then don't call us when you have your next earthquake. CALL BIN LADEN!" Donald (Lexington, NC)