Judging Alito

For the second consecutive day of questioning in his weeklong confirmation hearing, Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito calmly and skillfully dodged one semantic sand trap after another. Read more.

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Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

"Alito did a great job of conning the American Public. I'm ashamed at how the Republicans asked the softball questions. I'm glad that the Democrats had the courage to grill Alito on the subject that will affect average Americans both Republican and Democrats. Alito is wrong for the Supreme Court and wrong for America. If Alito is confirmed the corruption in the GOP will only get worse. Alito only cares about corporations and the government, he does not care for the average American. If you think that the mining accident and the response to Hurricane Katrina were bad, just wait — things will get much worse." — Elvis

"Congratulations to judge Alito for keeping his cool while his opponents tried to drag his head onto the chopping block, time and time again." — Mike

"The jackals had their ears pinned back and are now walking slowly away, tails between legs, grousing over their humiliation." — Jack

"I think he has done great! I think he holds the qualities that most American want to see in a Supreme appointment. I think certain Dems showed their butts and maybe some Americans are wondering and for the first time seeing why nothing gets done in the Belt Way. Maybe with a more conservative appointment Americans won't be facing more crisis equaling the eminent domain give away." — Jo Anne (Tempe, AZ)

"Make no mistake about it! Alito is a dangerous activist judge. You don't really change all that much over the years, and he is the same person he basically was while at Princeton. It's so pathetic the way D.C. has turned into the Bible Beltway. Where are the minorities that could have been appointed? Where are the women? Alito's confirmation will only confirm that Bush doesn't think that the Supreme Court should truly reflect the citizens it supposedly is there to serve." — Max (Boston, MA)

"Alito did an amazing job, despite the soft-ball questions of the Republicans and the grandstanding of the Democrats. Bush clearly beat Kerry for the presidency. The majority of Americans clearly support the president and his decisions. Therefore, appointment of Alito should just move to an up-or-down vote. These proceedings are a joke and are worthless. It's free airtime for these pathetic and corrupt lawmakers. They are abusing their powers, both sides, by not doing their real jobs. Bravo Alito!" — Shane (Portland, OR)

"Alito did a great job. He will be confirmed easily." — Justin (Denver, CO)

"It has been fascinating to watch mental midgets 'interrogate' a man who is far superior to them in integrity and intelligence. Isn’t it odd that liberals view a person of ethics as more of a threat and enemy to this Country than they do members of al Qaeda?" — Kelly (Jackson, MI)

"How the people can continue to vote Ted Kennedy into office is beyond my imagination. I find him to be quite repulsive. Alito will not have a problem." — J.A. (Lithia Springs, GA)

"I have learned little about Alito. On the other hand, I've learned a great deal about how the senate is no longer a place of gentlemen." — Perry (Wisconsin)

"Alito is a great man and will surely be confirmed. The bloated and politicizing blowhards, Republicans and Democrats, are just using the hearings to be seen and heard. They sure love the sound of their own voice. It sickens me that they are overpaid for their so-called service. Pathetic." — Kenny (Shelby, NC)

"Alito is just playing it safe. These hearings are a joke and will never truly reveal the bias that is in Alito's heart. He will do such harm to this country with his own bias and quiet activism to trample on our rights and belittle the Constitution." — Jackie (Marlborough, NH)

"Enjoy the show. Regarding Ted Kennedy, in my opinion he should come clean on his involvement in Chappaquiddick before he is able to pass judgment on any other individual, such as a respectable man like Judge Alito." — Hale (Marlborough, NH)

"The hearings, as many before it, are a disgrace and nothing more than a chance for the blowhard Senators to demonstrate their piety. Just another clear example of why we need term limits!" — Don (Shreveport, LA)

"Alito will be voted in. The Democrats can't stop it. It's just another step deeper into the abyss via our un-elected president." — Mary (New York, NY)

“Alito is on his way! This will be a major victory for this country to pull our courts back to truly representing what the majority of people in this country believe in!” — Louise (Watertown, MA)